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  1. A

    Recommend book for learning HTML, CSS.

    Can anyone plz recommend a book for learning HTML and CSS? They may be two different books. Plz dont recommend online tutorial like W3schools or HTML goodies as i dont have a net connection at home.
  2. trublu

    Blogspot Queries

    Hi evry1.I am thinking of starting a blog at blogspot.com.However,I have a few doubts in my mind.I need you guys to help me out. 1.Whenever I post something,is it necessary that the articles be original?I mean,is it ok if I mention the source at the end of the post? 2.How do I know how...
  3. iMav

    Free GUI Based HTML editor needed?

    as the heading says, is there a GUI based HTML editor, I don't want something like dreamweaver or frontpage but something similar, not a text based 1, I am not gonna use it, have to give it to some 1
  4. L

    Java Books

    Friends i want good textbooks on corejava ,advance java and html. Please mention there prices if possible.
  5. C

    how to redirect 404 error page on my websit

    If want redirect 404 error page to my home page how can do it Is their any javascript or html code for which can be placed on page.
  6. remrow

    Making Images from HTML tables

    Making images from HTML tables. Did you got it ? If you haven't then it is like using no images but using clean HTML tables to make an image. So I turned out to a pretty looking picture from Yahoo Answers Avatar, an avatar of someone that was 48 X 48 resolutions. You guys might be thinking it...

    How to flag links with a name...?

    i often post links in the forum,,, but ive seen ppl posting links with a simple tag like "source" ect which actually hide the link address and gives a simple name to the link.....so how can it be done.....i wanna know the html code to be inserted in the link....thnx!!
  8. phuchungbhutia

    opera browser error: reparse HTML

    i use opera 9.24 and sometimes when i open pages following error comes Error! XML parsing failed XML parsing failed: syntax error (Line: 80, Character: 114) Reparse document as HTML Error:invalid attribute value Specification:http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-xml/#NT-AttValue and i have to...
  9. remrow

    A pure HTML Website

    A sister of mine came to me asking help making their project. They were studying simple HTML, so they hadn't learn the css nor Javascript.They asked me to make a simple HTML project about their school. For me i first thought it would be an easy task, just use the HTML and i am done. But...
  10. Y

    html to pdf

    hi friends i need a software or addon that converts html pages to pdf online plz help me
  11. P

    HTML Programming

    Hi, Can somebody help me in finding the solution to the problem? How to hyperlink a C/C++ program in a HTML file? Remember it should be HTML programming through which a C/C++ program is accessed.
  12. Ecko

    Sendding image to front in HTML

    Ok my problem is dat i have 2 images :cool: I required for formatting & other for background what i need is to send formatting image to back so that it may be hidden from viewers & bring the background image in front (so that it covers the formatting image) How to do this guyz I need...
  13. B

    Secure Html Images ?

    I want to secure my html images on website. Suppose when someone try to click right click on my image than the pop will comes and shows the "Please don't save my images". how should i do. What the code ?.
  14. mad1231moody

    ASP doesn't opens files

    Hi friends, got a query and need solution as soon as I can. You may be knowing that in HTML if we use this When I click on open it opens WINDOWS folder in Explorer. But this is not the case in asp. Although when I bring the mouse on the link in ASP, I get the same path as I get in HTML,i.e But...
  15. chicha

    help with HTML project

    i am suppose to make a small web site as our 100 marks project. i have an idea and i am working on it, what i want is some cool java/HTML programs that i can include in my project, just to impress my teachers. some thing fancy. :D it does not really have to go with the project topic. i...
  16. Zangetsu

    HTML help!!!

    Hi, I was designing a web page in html......just got one :?: I want 2 use a hyperlink(text) but with an effect dat it shld not have an underline(dat i know) but when I bring my mouse on it the underline shld appear :cool: same as in yahoo on left side menu [ answers,autos,finance...
  17. Gigacore

    HTML Color Codes with Photoshop-like Color Palette

    Hi! I just created a sub-domain for HTML Color Codes. HTML Colors codes can be used to assign colors to different webpage and web elements. I’ve listed down the HTML Color codes in the table as well as there is a Photoshop like color palette. You can move the circle over the paletter and...
  18. shri

    Help needed in choosing xHTML book

    Hi. Suggest one of the following books or any good ones that you have read/know about. I'm a novice with some background in HTML. Which is your choice? 1. Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML by Elisabeth Freeman & Eric Freeman 2. HTML, XHTML, & CSS, Sixth Edition: Visual QuickStart Guide by...
  19. qarch

    Wanted: RSS-like feed for my webpage using a script

    We are a small organisation and would like to add a small internal news section with headlines somewhere on the main page. There are two reasons we don't want to use RSS. Firstly, the audience for the news will be mainly for internal consumption and doesn't warrant use of RSS. Secondly, I have...
  20. N

    help!! i want sites for multiple choice questions

    Please can any one provide me sites that will provide help for questions and answers for c,c++,visual basic and html???? :( :(
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