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  1. B

    compiled HTML help file error message

    hello friends I was trying to open one e book in compiled HTML help file format.I got an error message . The message says ''The window name main passed to HH_GET_WIN_TYPE has not been specified'' please help me to open the book .thanks...
  2. sganesh

    How to sort html table values using select box

    hi , In below code,How to sort html table column values based values selected in select box. The html content s <html> <body> Sort by<select> <option>Name</option> <option>Surename</option> <option>Age</option> </select> <table border="1" class="" width="400"> <thead>...
  3. A

    How to build webpage in html fast?????

    Hey guysss!!!!!!!! i am now competiting at District based HTMl webpage competition... please gimme tips and tricks to make a good webpage
  4. K

    Need suggesstion for good querty keyboard + wifi + HTML mail support mobile

    From last 1 year i have changed 3 mobile, this time i am taking some time to review each and every aspect and going for a long term plan. My main requirements for mobile : 1) Querty keyboard. 2) Should connect to my office mail (MS Exchange mail) and should be robust in this field. 3) Wi-Fi...
  5. windchimes

    Html to PDF conversion? Need to retain all pages and links

    Hi guys, I need to convert certain html files to pdf.. I tried a few converters but they resulted in single pdf files for each html pages. Any one knows a free converter so that I can retain all the pages, hierarchy and the links in the html as such in the output pdf?
  6. J

    Dancing Animation Stars Cursor

    One of the many cursor codes in our JavaScript library, this one creates dancing stars animating around your pointers mouse. This cur... detail at JavaScriptBank.com - 2.000+ free JavaScript codes Demo: JavaScript Dancing Animation Stars Cursor How to setup Step 1: Use JavaScript...
  7. J

    Dynamic HTML Splash Screen

    The dynamic animation JavaScript code is fastest and simpliest way to set up a splash screen effect, thanks to this DHTML script! Users will be ab... detail at JavaScriptBank.com - 2.000+ free JavaScript codes Demo: JavaScript Dynamic HTML Splash Screen How to setup Step 1: Place...
  8. rahul_jaiswal31

    help about HTML

    Hi I am 2nd year engg. student. I need some html projects for submission as i dont know how to code it. Is there any website which offers free html projects?? Please help me. If you have any project please let me know. Thanks in advance
  9. Y

    Dynamic HTML to WML conversion In java

    Hello Everyone can any body help regarding the java code for HTML to WML conversion . I require it in my BE projects so please reply as soon as poss ible. Thanx in advance
  10. ankushkool

    Web page in email. possible?

    i want to send invitation 2 my friends using email(i use gmail). now i dont want any link in de mail, i want all graphics n text 2 be seen directly in de mail. the only possible way i thought was 2 was html in de mail. but there will be probs like were will de pics be stored n all Plez help me...
  11. ninad_mhatre85

    Help in HTML

    Hi i have created index.html file for all the DVDs i create i have perl script which generates html file for me ... i am not good in html so i some how managed to generate HTML file which will have "MOVIE NAME" ( in center of screen ) then "MOVIE POSTER" below it... something like this ...
  12. M

    html doubts

    1.How can I make the HTML coding of my webpage invisible to others through View--->Source ???:confused: 2.How can I block others from editing the HTML coding of my page ?? [I want people to only read the code, not edit]
  13. D

    Copy/Paste software

    I have a software named teracopy(provided with digit) which copies a file a lot faster than default . but the problem is when i copy a saved web page it only copies the html file & leaves behind the folder associated with the html file..i've checked the options & couldn't correct this. is there...
  14. choudang

    dreamweaver problem

    i am going thru a strange problem with Dreamweaver... As i can not install any thirdparty software or not compatible with company, i have downloaded the portable version of adobe products like dreamweaver, flash, photoshop and illustrator. all are going fine xcept dreamweaver... whenever i...
  15. A

    embedding flash document in html file

    i wish to use a flash document as background in an html file how can i do so? i use flash professional 8 :confused:
  16. hansraj

    how to link files in a cd

    I am planning to make a cd with various files i.e. doc, pdf, html, mht, txt, jpg with an index. But unable to link them for the cd. Linking on the hard disk with a complete path is a piece of cake but I am uanble to find the method to give a relative path for the cd. I am making index in html.
  17. NucleusKore

    How to make a vernacular language site in html

    I think the question says it all. Now if I want to make pages in, say, Kannada, how exactly do I go about it? Do I write in Kannada in between the html tags using a particular font?
  18. anshul

    HTML page on LAN

    I wish to use an autorun script whenever someone accesses my PC on LAN via my IP address. I want to open an HTML document which will further direct him to my shared resources. Where do I keep my autorun file and will it suffice???
  19. pritish_kul2

    Selected for making html site

    Guys,hv been selected for upgrading my school site www.afgji.org ,so if any guys knw html could they plzz help me out....as i m a beginner in html,they still selected me......i'll posting wht'll the school need in the website shorty.......and i don't want any of the google searches plzzz as i...
  20. skippednote

    Html to Pdf or Doc

    Guys few days back i found a post by CadCrazy in which he had given a link to a book on Wikipedia namely Blender 3D :n00b to Pro. I have saved the html file but i want it in Pdf or doc format. I am not willing to copy paste it as it cause irregularity but when a open the webpage in FF3 and goto...
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