1. nishantv2003

    Best Horror Movie???

    Hi guys, Im a Big fan of Horror Movies and i have watched many, but recently i watched The Grudge 1 & 2. This Movie is really scarry. So guys which horror movie did u find most scary???
  2. N

    horror movies

    please suggest me some good english horror movies which were released between 2000 and 2007.pls help me.
  3. quan chi

    please discuss here some of your views about doom3 and other horror games..

    well guys i like horror games. and i heard a lot about doom3 being the best horror game. and i searched for it but didnt get it.once i managed to get a pirated version of that game.:D.but it didnt worked:x.the cd was corrupted.:x well i have finished land of the dead road to feddlers green.i...
  4. abhinandh

    dataone plan

    i got dataone just today.i asked for home500 plan.how do i confirm that i'am on the plan??heard many horror stories and i just want to confirm bfore using happy hours.
  5. gangadhar


    Hi Guys My Name Is Gangadhar.After Completing Of TombRaider: Anniversary On My PS2 I Buy This Game For My PC(AMD 3000+,1GB Ram,Gigabyte MotherBoard With 6100 IGP).My Seller Says It Is Horror Game And Newly Released.Normally I Am A Fan Of Horror Games So Purchased And Installed.The Graphics Of...
  6. Ihatemyself

    Best horror movie

    whaz the best horror movie u've ever seen .Me n my frens r thinking of planning a night stay n watching best horror titles..so plzzz suggest
  7. quan chi

    please suggest me some horror games.

    guys please suggest me some interesting horror games.and please do mention which games will require a graphix card and which will run without any problems on onboard graphics also. well i have heard call of the cthulhu and silent hill series are good horror games.is it so?and are there any...
  8. M


    hey guys , i am in desperate help.I had 4 partion(total 40 GB) C,D,E,F.Using partion magic 8 i tried to merge partition E with partition F.But while the process was going on ,the was a error and to my horror i found that my computer showed only C and D .No E and F drive. Now what to do and...
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