1. A

    Hilarious game reviewing website.

    Check out this website which does video review of computer games.The reviews are honest and HILARIOUS Zero Punctuation Video Gallery | The Escapist Cheers! Abhijit
  2. srkmish

    Hilarious TV Series?

    Hello friends, I am looking for some hilarious tv series (not just funny mind you). The most i have laughed watching any series is Coupling. I mostly like humour where characters are quirky and eccentric but lovable and behave awkwardly in unfamiliar situations ( Is this called situational...
  3. ico

    Hilarious videos....

    some hilarious videos which I think deserved a thread of their own. Click the CC for English subtitles if you don't speak/understand Punjabi. :) gAX5vchchSE 6r0RnVCT5aQ xmKZMGh74DU WiSDc8VYgY4
  4. d3p

    Crazy and hilarious videos ever seen!

    Hey Mates, As the thread title suggest, post the Craziest & Most Hilarious videos you have ever seen.... Here we go... If Cartoons were Real " APV5LnQvqFw "If Video Games were Real " 9bKoahtmcHY
  5. R

    Girlfriend 5.0

    Just read this.... Really Hilarious...:grin::grin: *www.alexshalman.com/2008/11/18/girlfriend-50/
  6. A

    Hard Drive Weight Increasing?

    I am sorry if this has already been posted. I didn't get it when I searched the forum. *social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/vistahardware/thread/720108ee-0a9c-4090-b62d-bbd5cb1a7605 It's hilarious though :D
  7. amitabhishek

    10 reasons why South Mumbai didn't vote

    I found this hilarious...couldn't stop loling...thought to share. *election.rediff.com/report/2009/may/05/loksabhapoll-joke-ten-reasons-why-south-mumbai-did-not-vote.htm
  8. hellknight

    Congress says 8 Oscars part of UPA Govt's achievement

    I can't believe how much Indian Politics has fallen.. read yourself and please read the comments on this news.. they're hilarious Source
  9. dreamcatcher

    McCain defeats Obama by a single vote!!

    *in.youtube.com/watch?v=GktC68mxcGE LOL..this is hilarious.. :lol:
  10. desiibond

    iPhone ( 2008 -) vs Stone ( 40,000 BC )

    No offense meant. But it was so hilarious that I couldn't stop post this pic
  11. sam9s

    Google technology High Speed Internet through your Bathroom.... :-)

    Guys you got to check this out...... its hilarious..... and wired too *www.google.com/tisp/install.html *www.google.com/tisp/
  12. F

    Uthappa,Kartik & Yuvraj eagrly watching a Girls back..Hilarious Pic

  13. H

    iPhone - will it blend?

    Lolz, the Blendtec guys at it again, old video, but as hilarious as always. *www.willitblend.com/videos.aspx?type=unsafe&video=iphone ROFLMAO @ iSmoke :D
  14. gaurav_indian

    This one is hilarious India vs Pakistan animated cricket

    This one is hilarious India vs Pakistan animated cricket Just visit the link *i18.tinypic.com/82awu48.gif Or download it from here File size (3 mb) *www.ftp2share.com/file/075232e6-2fc9-40f9-b8f3-80aa1edaf372/82awu48.gif.zip.html Thankkss to Nucleussss :D
  15. iMav

    Funny Falls - Youtube Vdo

    *www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAsYShEWfdY&mode=related&search= ^^ have a look at it its hilarious ...
  16. entrana

    Weird toilets around the world

    guys u gotta check this out its absolutely hilarious.. *www.jimmyr.com/blog/Toilets_from_Around_World_226_2007.php
  17. ilugd

    Little Becky

    Hilarious *www.johntedwards.com/2006/10/15/little-irish-girl-prank-calls/
  18. estranged12

    Good or funny?

    Watch this video... Its a Hindi song *www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9UILouGZYI i think its hilarious... beg to differ? (Can people actually like this >.>)
  19. tarey_g

    omg Hilarious - The official Wii song

    nothing much to explain just see the video . lol *www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_drrgyeA5U
  20. I

    Funniest Game that you have played.

    Seen so many in the list for best game and so on. So thought I would post something a lil different. Only one tops my list. Armed and Dangerous This has got to be one of the hilarious games ever. The game play is simple enough. Enough and more bullets to shoot and kill everything...
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