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  1. M

    apps for study

    hi friends please inform me about the apps which is helpful in IAS and other UPSC exams.
  2. D

    20k phone- a complicated querry to expert digitians

    Since the windows phones are going to die and IOS has a very low compatibility in India, and Google-extra-OEMs-bloatware there's are almost no handsets which can be customized and be 100% utility maximized. I use Lumia 640 XL and Microsoft has took over the onedrive space, Support for Office...
  3. T

    Mobile insurance

    Hi, I am planning to buy Samsung Galaxy S7 or a mobile around the same price. I have had a very bad experience with screens breaking, theft etc and want to be totally insured this time. Any advice and personal experiences regarding mobile insurance? It will be a lot helpful to not...
  4. Ironman

    Raspberry Pi 2 Model B - Where to Buy India

    I am planning to buy a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B https://www.raspberrypi.org/products/raspberry-pi-2-model-b/ My First pi. :razz: 1.Where can i buy it from ? The Cheaper the Better. Any Helps / Guides / Anything Helpful regarding this is appreciated. 2.Is it available Locally ? in Kolkata ...
  5. R

    Which ISP provide services in ghitorni, sout delhi??

    I want to take a new bb connection so anybody having information related to it please share it will be helpful.
  6. sidtechster

    Should I purchase from newegg.com

    Hi all, I am putting together a new gaming PC, but I want to purchase a few components online. Should I purchase from Newegg India. How is there delivery / return policy. Would be helpful if anyone can share any past experience with purchase from Newegg India. Thanks in advance :-)
  7. B

    MoBo + Procy + RAM ( GFX optional )

    Hello All, I am looking out for a combination MoBo + Procy + RAM (GFX to be added later but if you can provide me the exact ones it will be helpful to make the choice of other parts), this is for one of my cousins and his budget is somewhere around 15k. It is an upgrade and the rest of the...
  8. Nanducob

    Most helpful member in the forum

    Hi, Tell me Who isthe most helpful member in the forum? Thanks:)
  9. avinandan012

    Wi-Fi router

    I'm complete noob at this wireless router topic so all suggestions welcome. Budget : 3K-4K Need a wi-fi router. Should have antenaes(optional additional 1 or 2 will be better). Main Usage will be like 1 wired desktop , 1 WiFi laptop & an Android Mobile(sometimes). If anyone can guide me...
  10. Zangetsu

    Blu-Ray Player Buying Guide

    Many of TDF users are using Blu-Ray Players so it would be helpful to contrubute on its buying advice/info etc.
  11. M

    SSD 180/200 GB - Suggest

    SSD 180/240/256 GB - Suggest I want to buy a SSD for my home setup.... It will be really helpful if someone suggest 1... Price should be moderate....
  12. techbulb

    new tv

    I want to buy a led tv for use with pc, ps3 & set top box my budget is 15K & i have a question is there any -ve point in buying tv for use as monitor since i want to use it with my pc and ps3 both it would be helpful if it had minimum 2 hdmi ports thnx in advance:-)
  13. V

    Hey Guys M Planning To Buy A Good In-Ear Earphones or Headphones Between Rs.4000-4500Rs.??

    I Have Done Some Research And Selected Some Earphones! 1)Klipsch s4 (Rs.4250) 2)Adidas Sennheiser CX 680i(Rs.4265) 3)Sony MDR-EX81(Rs.4400) 4)Sennheiser MX481(Rs.4400) 5)Sennheiser HD448(Rs.4300) 6)MonsterBeats Tour HiBass(Rs.3900) These are some of the options i have selected which fits...
  14. pritamk

    phone with dock

    hey guys i need to know if there is any phone other than motorola that comes with dock for bigger display and keyboard. that way i can buy a good phone and wont need to buy a netbook also if u could give any indication about the price of the dock that would be helpful
  15. K

    Help - which is best digital camera? 5-9k

    Hello Everyone, I am planning to buy a new digital camera. I am very confused with the brands and models, coz i don know much about cameras. so, it would be helpful if someone suggests me a good camera. And my budget is within Rs. 5-9k.. Thanks.
  16. X

    Multi monitor utilities / tools

    I've been using a multi-monitor setup from quite a while now and decided to actually review some of the applications that I've used along the way that helped me out. I am also looking out for some of the applications I have not used, but could be helpful in the same task. If any of you use...
  17. M

    Assemble the PC on my own?

    Hi I am going to purchase all the components separately and get the best prices (not compromising the model numbers which I have researched on). Now my question is once I have all the components should I assemble the PC on my own (I havent assembled a PC before)? Is it really difficult...
  18. Vishal Gupta

    [Wanted] New DVD Player for Home

    UPDATE: DVD Player has been selected and purchased, so no longer need of this topic. Mods can close this topic. :) PS: Seems like the forum is not much helpful now as it used to be in past. ;)
  19. V

    tell me a replacement for my mobo

    guys i hv a A8N-VM mobo with amd athlon chip on it with ddr-1 ram...lately my mobo is giving much probs....i need to find a suitable replacement for tht mobo fitting in my all the other parts remaining the same. also it wud be helpful if someone can suggest a mobo which has more no of sata...
  20. F

    Which printer to buy for photo printing and scanning?

    I am looking for printer to print my digital snap and to scan my old snaps. Any suggestion will be helpful. I am not looking to use this as commercial but for my home use.
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