1. C

    Want to buy a good iem

    Hello, I want to buy a good IEM (In Ear Monitor) which costs below 1.5 k but is has a sturdy built and has good sound quality. I would prefer small headsets but please not with bluetooth at all. Thank you, Caltrop
  2. Pratik Pawar

    Bluetooth Headsets Doubt

    guys, I was about to buy a new set of Bluetooth Headphones.. but now Im being apprehensive as majority of my friends (who use such) are telling its not of much use coz there is the big problem of Interefence. is it true? while listening to songs on bluetooth headsets, do we get real...
  3. Alok

    Microsoft Hololens

    *www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AADEqLIALk *www.youtube.com/watch?t=162&v=xnrHFV34PfM VR headsets, or more specifically the Oculus Rift, have really kickstarted (pun intended) the imaginations of developers. All of a sudden, the VR dream that was laughed off as too geeky and incredibly...
  4. RCuber

    Need Headsets for Voip and Gaming

    I need a pair of headsets for skype calls (Office) and also gaming/Movies/Music(Home). Was thinking of Corsair Vengeance 1300 but im a bit confused. I can take a cheap ones for voip and can invest heavily on headphones on other use. 8K max . Please recommend only headphones with Analog...
  5. lywyre

    In-Ear Headset for Defy+ under Rs.600/-

    Hi, I am looking to purchase an in-the-ear headset under Rs. 600/- for my Motorola Defy+ -> Would be wearing with my helmet on, so needs to be small -> Would be driving, so no need of noise cancellation, need to hear traffic -> Primarily for navigation, and rarely calls -> Would be...
  6. A

    Want to buy in ear headphones below 2000 rs

    Want to buy in ear headphones below 2000 rs. I have Micromax canvas 2 plus and their headsets are bad. So suggest me any high end budget headset in ear so I can enjoy music. Found this headset Tekfusion - Twinwoofers In-Ear Headphones Please suggest something which suits my budget and gives...
  7. RohanM

    Need Earphones For Nexus 4

    Hello TDF, I am still using my old LG headsets that came with LG optimus net... I wanted a good headsets for my N4 now... budget = Rs.800 - 1k I don't need mic - volume controls, play pause are welcome(remote) Bass must be tight. I am also using my friends tekfusion [white version] they are...
  8. RohanM

    Headsets for N4 !!

    Guys I am ordering N4 from FK today or may be tomorrow. :-) As you all know it wont come with headsets, So which one to buy ?? Also suggest good bumper case. thanks.
  9. kapilove77

    Need headset!

    Budget is 4.5k and i need a good headset 1st for gaming second for music and movies. Plz plz suggest me good headsets.
  10. NiGHtfUrY

    cheap headsets rs500

    i want to buy a headset with microphone for gaming and a little music listening nothing hardcore. i have a 500rs flipkart gift voucher and the two headsets i have trimmed down to are 1)i ball rocky:iBall Rocky Headset - iBall: Flipkart.com 2)Zebronics ZEB - 3100 HMV Headset Zebronics ZEB...
  11. Soumik

    Good gaming heaset with positional audio

    Hi, I need a good gaming headset for my new laptop due in another 10 more days. Budget : below USD 100, as low as i can get (have a lot to buy in limited budget :() Type : Full headset (over the ear), but shouldnt be tight or very heavy. Need to use it continuously while at home...
  12. D

    Need suggestion for gamming headsets ~5k

    Hi guys, i am willing to shell out ~5k for new gamming headsets. So, could you please suggest me the best i can get.
  13. sanoob.tv

    2 months searching for a headset|headphone,still no where.

    PLZ HELP THIS NOOB OUT.. Thats right:-x,i hav been searching for a new pair of headsets|headphones for 2 months.n my head is gonna explod soon.:-( well to be honest i havent spent above 150 rs for a headset till now:wink:.my last one was one by "bylogic" n its been killing my ears since.then i...
  14. K

    Suggest Me The Best Gaming Headsets Under 6k!

    Hi, I am looking for some good gaming headsets under 6k. I'll be using them mainly for gaming and for watching movies on my phone/iPad. I'll also be carrying them while travelling so I don't really want something that is extra large. More details on what I need: Budget: 6k Usage: Mainly for...
  15. sanithkk81

    Headset for W995(HPM83 or HPM85 ?)

    I want a new headset for my w995 phone. The headset which I got along with the phone were HPM-70 I guess which has got poor audio quality and not loud enough. After doing some research I sorted out two headsets HPM-83 and HPM-85. HPM-83 is quite stylish because it is a neckband type. But...
  16. M

    bluetooth headset to lcd

    Hey guys, I have a Sony 40inches Ex400 LCD and a dell Bluetooth headsets. I want too know is there a possibility that I connect my Bluetooth headsets with my lcd thru Bluetooth dongle.? Thanks n advance Magneticme
  17. H

    Bluetooth Headsets...

    Can anyone tell the price of Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headsets BH 503? Is there any other option available in this range and performance??
  18. saurabhpatel

    Headphone Jack Problem in 5320XM

    I have this problem where the music plays thru the loudspeaker even when the headsets are inserted in the 3.5 mm jack. The phone is within the warranty period. I have tried with different headsets but the problem persists. The Nokia Care crooks nearest to my home insist that the problem is...
  19. R

    Bluetooth headsets

    How will a good bluetooth enabled headset cost me???? & which is the cheapest???
  20. U

    Hardly Used Bluetooth Headsets - Throw away Price !!

    Hi, I want to sell hardly used Bluetooth Headsets. I don't use them. All are in excellent condition. 1.) Nokia BH600 - Market Price 2700/- Expected 1250/- 2.) Jabra BT5020 - Market Price 2200/- Expected 1100/- Anyone buying both i will give Sony Ericsson Basic Bluetooth...
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