Want to buy a good iem


Right off the assembly line
Hello, I want to buy a good IEM (In Ear Monitor) which costs below 1.5 k but is has a sturdy built and has good sound quality. I would prefer small headsets but please not with bluetooth at all.

Thank you,


Team Digit
Cowon EM1.

It's served me well. And you can't go wrong.

The Brainwavz Delta is good too. Until recently it was ridiculously discounted on Amazon.in but it's probably still within your budget.


Broken In
Sound magic es 18s.....
They are little bass heavy.... But sound is comfortable even at high volume and is easy on ears....


Broken In
Get EM1, CX180 or Delta.

Not worth over INR 800.
They are available for less than that on amazon.

I'm also using cx180 street II....and they are not good....don't like them at all.

Cowon em1 is the most balanced of them.
But i don't like the build quality of it.
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