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  1. P

    Recovering HDD

    My laptop's HDD shows error 303 which I know is corrupt HDD. But is it possible that some partitions may be fine and it can be used?
  2. J

    Best Hard Disk....

    Hello Everybody, Actually I am going to buy PC at home for my personal work.....through Assemble.I don't know exactly which is best Hard Disk Brand And its Performance.Please Let me know.
  3. H

    Need new 1 TB laptop hard disk

    I dropped my laptop last month. Since then I am not able to install Windows on my Lenovo Laptop hard disk (Although Ubuntu works fine on it) and it is working fine as an external drive. Windows is important for me. So finally decided to purchase a new 1 TB hard disk. Kindly suggest a suitable...
  4. B

    Transcend Debuts SSD220S Solid-State Drive for India Market

    Source: www.tech4all.in/transcend-debuts-ssd220s-solid-state-drive-for-india-market/ Transcend Information, Inc. (Transcend ), a leading manufacturer of storage and multimedia products, is proud to announce the availability of its high-performance solid-state drive for system builders...
  5. O

    can i reuse old hard disk 500gb of inspiron to vostoro 1014 Intel Core 2 Duo processor. @2.1gHz..

    Hi im upgarding my laptop from 200gb to 500gb hard disk from my brother laptop old hard disk 500gb of inspiron..is it compatable for my vostoro 1014.. Intel Core 2 Duo processor. @2.1gHz.. i think old hard disk(500gb) had performance issue.. can it be repaired.. Also let me know...
  6. O

    what is difference between transcend 2k and 4k price 4gb RAM

    could you let me know any performance issues with these 4gb ram of transcend or kingston 4k and 2k price ram other than warranty..im upgarding my laptop from 200gb to 500gb using my brother laptop old hard disk 500gb of inspiron..is it compatable for my vostoro 1014 Intel Core 2 Duo...
  7. V

    [SOLVED] Invalid S/N for WD My Passport Ultra hard disk from Cost to Cost

    Hi Guys, I bought a new WD My Passport Ultra 2TB external hard disk from " Cost To Cost " - Nehru Place, Delhi on 22 Jun 2015 . I checked the hard disk on WD Support Portal website and found that the S/N is invalid:-x Just wanted to warn the future buyers. There were no typos like 'O' instead...
  8. M

    What's the best external hdd?

    Guys, My budget is Rs:6000/- to buy an external hard drive. Storage is important. But i dont want the hard disk to have a power adapter. What's the best choice to buy one. Name a hard drive please.
  9. S

    Windows Boot failure and Hard Disk Crash

    Hi, My Work Machine (with win 7) fails to boot. It is stuck at the windows logo. Now the IT support guys in my Office tells me that my Hard disk has crashed. And i have no way to validate this. So. Would a hard disk crash cause this failure for windows? I tried start up repair. This...
  10. S

    Connecting laptop hd to desktop as OS drive

    hai everyone, i have a old laptop hd with win xp installed.its 7 yrs old and working with no problems.how can i use this in desktop?i want to boot xp n my desktop.how do i connect it? my pc config-i5 4440,gigabyte b85 mb,corsair ram and seasonic s12 ll psu
  11. A_ashish_A

    Hard disc with power source

    Plz recommend a external 2tb or 3tb hard disc with external power source. My planning is to hook it with my pc and power it up only when i need to back up or transfer files otherwise keep it off when i dont need it.
  12. Droid

    Visiting USA next month recommend reliable Electronic shops to buy Mobile, I-pod and Headphones.

    I am visiting Atlanta and Denver in next month please recommend me any good and reliable Electronic shops to buy Mobile, I-pod, Hard disk and Headphones at cheaper rates compared to India. As per my agenda I will be staying 1 week in Atlanta and almost 2 weeks in Denver. Please let me know...
  13. V

    Windows 8: An operating system not found

    System, after BIOS screen bootup shows the following message: An operating system wasn't found. Try disconnecting any drivers that don't contain an operating system. System configuration: Current operating system : Windows 8 RAM 8GB CPU Intel i5 Motherboard : Gigabte B75M-D3H (UEFI DualBios)...
  14. sanny16

    How do i verify whether the Hard disk is dynamic or basic?

    I just bought a new HP laptop, which has 3 partitions - C drive with 915 gb, D drive with recovery and E drive with HP tools. Now i know that now a days every pc maker are giving a dynamic hdd, but how do i check it or verify it? Can i convert the dynamic hdd to basic without corrupting the...
  15. sanny16

    Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device

    Whenever i try to eject my 2 tb WD portable hdd, my pc gives this error: "Windows can't stop your 'Generic volume' device because it is in use. Close any programs or windows that might be using the device, and then try again later." I can't find any program that is using the wd hdd. Is there...
  16. G

    WD My Passport 1TB USB2.0 HDD Stopped working

    hi guys, As the title suggests my hard disk WD My Passport 1TB USB2.0 has stopped working. The moment I connect it to my laptop ( hp pavillion dv6000 running windows 7) it gets recognised as Local Disk H: in My Computer. Now if I try to double click on this drive icon, an error throws up saying...
  17. D

    Multiple hard disk cabinet

    so here is the issue , i have 3 , 500 GB internal hard drives that are currently on my desktop , i am switching to a laptop but i need the hard drives. i am looking for a hardware solution by which i can connect these hard drives to my laptop. looking for something in the attached picture ...
  18. V

    SATA HDD ISSUE : Hard disk receives powers but doesn't get recognized.

    My system configuration is as follows: Pentium dual-core E5500 @ 2.80GHz 4.00 GB DDR3 RAM HL-DT-ST dvdram gh24ns72 ata (DVD SATA drive) Seagate Barracuda LP ST2000DL003 (SATA HDD) Seagate PM - ST3160215A (IDE HDD) Nvidia GeForce 210 1GB graphics ASUS P5G4 IC-M LX Motherboard Windows 7...
  19. S

    DH55PJ Motherboard having problem with sata ports

    A few days earlier I started having problems with my hdd, Im having 2 hdd 160gb(system) and 500gb another, got problem on 500gb, problem was hdd stops responding sometimes and started making noises. So got it replaced adn now with a new 500gb hdd, having some other problems. Sometimes(not...
  20. RBX

    Laptop Hard Drive Prices

    I have a Dell XPS 15 and my current hard drive could fail any day (I believe it was originally faulty, didn't bother to ask Dell support in time). I need a replacement, and would like a 1 TB. Flipkart lists a WD 1TB at Rs. 5375; my friend checked a local dealer for Seagate HDD at Rs 4600. I...
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