1. Charley

    Summer Surprise offer from Reliance Jio

    Latest news from Jio is that if anyone does a single recharges for Rs.303, it is valid till June 30. What will happen to those people who recharged for Rs.149 and want the Rs.303 offer?
  2. B

    angry birds

    Cyber Real - Đơn Vị Cho Thuê Văn Phòng Hàng Đầu Tp HCMCyber Real - Đơn Vị Cho Thuê Văn Phòng Hàng Đầu Tp HCM - Văn phòng làm việc cho thuê quận ba chính là ngành mang sự phổ biến rộng rãi ở trong thế giới kinh doanh trong ngành bất động sản. Cùng với sự phát triển ko thua kém gì quan mot, vị trí...
  3. ico

    Altaf Raja

    hmm every year there comes a week where I only listen to Altaf Raja. dunno why this happens. Does this happen with anybody else?
  4. N

    S2440L Weird Blinking Problem

    Hi guys, 2 weeks back i got myself s2440l dell monitor. I am having some weird issues with this monitor. Whenever i switch on my light or modulate my ceiling fan speed, the screen goes dark for 2 sec and reappears. This don't happen with all switches. Just some of them. Does...
  5. A

    angry birds

    my angry birds downloaded from google chrome doesnt work-in the sense i cant reach any stge beyond the initil stage in any game which used to happen earlier-ive uninstalled and reinstalled but to no avail
  6. J

    idle temperature of graphic card 75-80c

    i dont know what happen to my sapphire 6970 ,till past week it was alright but now the temperature has increased to 82 degree.i had cleaned the graphic card and the cabin but nothing happen .im afraid of playing any game due to temperature
  7. P

    Problem in my Pc's screen

    8-) hello frnds i was using Compaq presario ALL in one pc CQ1-1030IN it was having 18.5 inch screen it is showing 3 lines on it 1) blue 2) yellow 3) pink once it was onlt one line some times it goes and then come back now they are not moving. this happen in past also but at that time...
  8. A

    Lightning-proofing a laptop

    I have recently had the misfortune of losing a laptop through lightning damage. I still cant be sure if the damage came through the mains(my plug socket is still working fine) , or through the modem(Ethernet connection). The modem itself doesn't seem to be fried though. Can anyone suggest...
  9. ithehappy

    Windows 7 is stealing my HDD space!! WTH?

    I really am frustrated about this now. The Windows 7 is installed on /C drive, and the space of that partition is decreasing gradually, now it's below 1 GB. I don't install anything on this drive ever, yes, some shared files go there but they are very few. I have already done many 'disk...
  10. cute.bandar

    Any comments on F&D A555U

    I am thinking of buying this speaker: F&D A555U | Speaker | Flipkart.com It has everything, FM, remote, usb play , perfect for my mummy :) Does anyone happen to own one of these ? If so could you comment on the quality ? Thanks
  11. M

    GPU for Casual Gaming - suggestions required

    Hi Dudess and Dudessess..... Need suggestions for GPU. Going to buy around June-end - early July! First PC specs: PSU: Corsair VX550W CPU: Clarkdale i3 540 3.07GHz Mobo: Asus P7H55M-LX Link RAM: Currently 1x2GB 1333 XMS3 - will be upgraded to 2x4GB (either Ripjaws or XMS3)...
  12. V

    Is my SSD dead ?

    Hi, From past 10-12 days I was experiencing weird small freezes in my system. Like If I click on a folder it would take 5 to 10 seconds to open and display all of its content at that time I could move mouse, can enable Capslock ON/OFF. Also it was random, it may happen once may not happen...
  13. I

    tata sky hd problem

    Hi guys, Recently i upgraded my setup box to hd. I have sont bravia 32'' full hd tv. My problem is that i the channels like national geo, discovery, few music channels and couple of more channels are getting 1 inch cut from 2 sides. It used to not happen before. All hd channels and sports...
  14. S

    Have you recieved Gingerbread for Galaxy Ace?

    Hi, Its been weeks that the official android 2.3.3 for galaxy ace was released for Russia and Poland. But still is not available here. Please post if you happen to have received the update via Samsung Kies. Along with your location. Thanks.
  15. rhitwick

    "Prosperity can't happen in democracy"

    "Prosperity can't happen in democracy" This is what I'm realizing everyday. How wrong am I?
  16. cute.bandar

    Is this a problem with grub 2

    I had ubuntu and xp dusl booting just fine . Today I had to create a partition in xp (disk management), but upon rebooting I got an error and grub 2 didn't load (got an grub_rescue prompt) Why did this happen ? Am i missing something or did this happen because of creating a partition in...
  17. ico

    We are going under a revamp.

    Suggestions please. okay.. Now we have a separate section for PC Buying / Configuration. All "PC for 30k" type of threads will go there. Now, I suggest Hardware Q&A to be renamed to Hardware Troubleshooting so that it only caters to "problems" related to Hardware. Hardware Discussions to...
  18. P

    Ubuntu 10.04 Woes!!!

    I got myself a ubuntu 10.04 cd delivered but when i boot from it states an error like" The installer recovered from an unrecoverable error. The cd will run in Live mode so that you can..........." What is this error all about? Will something happen if I install from this cd?? thanks in advance...
  19. B

    Window XP installation key???

    I have borrowed and installed window xp(Wipro) in my PC from my frnd. Whn I am trying to register my software with supplied key it is telling that the software is not geniune. Even telephonically I am not able to get new key. I there any universal key availabe for registration? I am left...
  20. J

    Windows 7 Crashing on my setup

    Hi, I have a problem (frequent crashes) with my newly assembled system with Windows 7 64-bit, I have the following config, AMD Phenom II 955 Processor MSI DKA790GX platinum 4 GB RAM Seagate 500 GB SATA HDD CM 690 Corsair 500 W SMPS Microsoft Wireless Keyboard/Mouse. Connected via...
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