1. P

    Halo Nightfall- TV Series

    Since i have seen in Recent time many halo fans Don't know about it. i decided to create a thread about it8-) Its a 5 part mini series set as the prequel to Halo 5 and revolves around Halo 5's Main HERO Agent Locke (depends on if you Believe master chief is a Traitor or Not) mjl_vxXSkAg...
  2. P

    HALO 5 Guardians Watch channel

    All right don't delete this ppst its no other waste spam .Microsoft announced the game yesterday I am out for now but this is just a discussion updates thread for the game. I will update asap. MEANWHILE do a Google search for halo 5 guardians. :)
  3. P

    Halo XBOX One Discussion Channel

    MODERATORS please help change the name of the thread to HALO 5 guardians discussion channel MAJOR UPDATE HALO 5 GUARDIANS ANNOUNCED, HERE is the first poster,
  4. S

    Halo 4 coming on PC???

    Hey guys i couldnt find this thread anywhere so im posting here..im sorry if i have missed out,i just noticed something today that i thought i would share with you guys i was happily writing my blog where i blog about gaming...and i just got a question from someone asking me if Halo 4 will be...
  5. digit i am thinking

    suggest me games like crysis

    i played crysis both. and far cry. are there any more games like these once ? thinking of cod4 mw and halo 2. is halo 2 single player game ?
  6. Pranav Prakash

    Play halo 2 on Xp

    I had bought Halo 2 to play on xp(it has been modified to play on xp) but when i tries to play it, it displays "either insufficient system resources or game not installed properly". It displays same thing on my friend's computer. If anyone knows what to do, then please help me.
  7. bkpeerless

    halo 1 on lan

    can anyone tell me how can i play halo 1 on lan every time i am joining a created server its giving bad cd key plz help
  8. MetalheadGautham

    Suggest me a game like warcraft with FPS/TPS option

    I am looking for a game similar to Warcraft, but with an added bonus of me being to play as a character in the game. Something like Playing DOTA with myself playing the Hero in first person or third person, or like Halo multiplayer with each person being master chief, but controlling a whole...
  9. MetalheadGautham

    Blame Halo 3

    Halo 3 brings a lot of guys a lot of enjoyment. But what we dont realize is how it affects other people in our lives. I say Blame Halo 3 and press the words <blame halo three> above as hard as you can with the mouse ;) PS: see the lyrics to understand some stuff he says.
  10. hahahari

    ..::Halo 2 Woes::..

    I recently got Halo 2 and was planning to fire it up. I got it to start aright but it wa like watching a 8FPS animation movie and the sound was comming out in parts. The game was damn slow. What can I do?? My Rig: 8600GT 256 1GB 667 Ram 500Gb Hdd with 100 GB free. Amd 2x 64 bit 4400+...
  11. M

    Halo 3 Named TIME's Best Game of 2007

    "In one of the greatest years video gaming has ever seen, Halo 3 is the very best of the bunch," writes Lev Grossman, author of TIME's Top 10 Video Games of 2007. Grossman called Bungie's latest effort the "perfect" shooter and "graphically gorgeous." Master Chief was so good, in fact, that he...
  12. Gigacore

    Microsoft: Buy an Xbox 360 and Get Halo 3 for Free

    Original Xbox owners have a chance to win free copy of Halo 3 game. This one is a surprising promotion offer which will only boost sales for the 360. All you (original Xbox owner) have to do is purchase an Xbox 360 console by December 21st, move your existing paid Xbox LIVE account to an Xbox...
  13. RahulTheboyofFuture

    Halo 3 Review

    Halo3 September 23, 2007 - My father once told me, "Never start a fight you don't intend to finish." Master Chief's pappy must have said something similar to him long before John-117 became a Spartan, because in Halo 3, the iconic action hero does indeed finish the fight. There is no...
  14. S

    Halo 2

    how is halo 2 guyz? does it run on xp?
  15. CadCrazy

    Halo Creator Bids Goodbye To Microsoft

    Bungie and Microsoft Corp. part ways, for good. Bungie Studios, the developer of Microsoft’s 'Halo' franchise, will now become a privately held independent company, Bungie, LLC, in which Microsoft will hold a minority equity interest. As part of this transaction, Bungie and Microsoft have forged...
  16. mayanks_098

    Halo 3's ground breaking release

    the much anticipated(digg is bleeding with Halo 3 articles these days) Halo 3 finally was released on 25,sep. it surpassed highest ever single day gross for anything in entertainment industry and raked in an enormous $170 mn(forgot, only in US!!!) on its first day. it beat likes of...
  17. bkpeerless

    halo 2 can be played on xp

    goodddddd news google the net to get the pach that will allow halo 2 to run on xp. i dont have the link but anyone can share the link here
  18. Ankur Mittal

    Halo 3 for XBOX released!!!

    Halo 3 for Xbox 360 has gone Gold! That means we delivered a final version to our internal certification group that passed all the tests and is now being whisked away to top secret manufacturing locations to be turned into retail versions of the game – and eventually packaged and sent to stores...
  19. H

    Anyone has halo 2 DVD i need redist files

    I need these two files which got corrupted on my halo 2 dvd please upload them to rapidshare if anyone can.I could not find them on the net. XLiveRedist1.0.6027.msi vcredist.msi They are in the \redists directory in the halo 2 DVD.Please help. It was my DVD rom drive that was...
  20. Ankur Mittal

    XBOX 360 Halo 3 Edition unveiled

    Microsoft is going to release a new version of its XBOX 360…just for the release of Halo 3! This new 360 will have the color profile of “Spartan Green” and “Spartan Gold” colxbox360or, with a matching ”Spartan Green” controller will come with it. This is not a big of a surprise as they have done...
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