1. V

    Only a matter of time before there is a deadly cyber attack?

    This recent blog post shows just how cheap and easy it is remotely detonate something (for just $50US in parts) and even to hack into control systems using free cloud servers and a search engine that can find connected devices? Is this all paranoia or something to be concerned about? The...
  2. dalbir

    Phone hacking

    Can we hack someones phone and ones phone details?
  3. ariftwister

    New SMS Hack Easily Force Reboots Some MediaTek-Based Smartphones

    A newly found and rather simple SMS-based hack is said to be affecting some smartphones running on MediaTek processors, rebooting the devices without the user's consent. The SMS-based hack for the Mediatek-based handsets has been discovered by a blogger named Korben (via Neowin), and is said to...
  4. quagmire

    Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner thwarted by hack

    sfhLZZWBn5Q Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner thwarted by hack - CNET
  5. A

    Dragon city hack download

    Hi guys theres a really cool game called dragon city on fb and android.theres a hack 4 it 2 get money and all that.but 2 dwnload it we need 2 take a survey.but u need 2 be a us citizen.pls suggest a way 2 get it.pls email me if u have the software and password.thnx.
  6. harshilsharma63

    Realtek driver mod and Creative X-FI with realtek chip

    NOTE: this is not my discovery/creation and the complete credit goes to the original author: Gamespirit who can be reached via his Spanish blog Gamespirit Introduction: This tutorial describes how to unlock the onboard Realtek ALC chip's locked features and to use Creative X-FI MB software...
  7. Flash

    Pacemaker hack can deliver deadly 830-volt jolt

    Source: Pacemaker hack can deliver deadly 830-volt jolt - Computerworld
  8. Ironman

    How tro Hack wifi Password (WEP)

    How tro Hack wifi Password (WEP) Our College official are just too stubborn they are not giving me use the password to our college wifi network i need a tool to hack it any suggestions Dont tell me to not to do it, they only use it for themselves , but that was meant for the students to...
  9. Darshan Singh

    Hack n Slash Games suggestion

    Hi Guys, Could you please suggest some good Hack n Slash games. I am now playing two such games Devil May Cry 4 and Ninja Blade. Both are superb. I have purchased an XBox 360 controller and I want to use it to the fullest. Please suggest a good game like Ninja Blade.
  10. Siddharth_1

    CS 1.6: KZ hack infected

    I joined a CS 1.6 server with the map hns_floppytown. The server downloaded and installed some files on my computer. After playing for sometime i left the server and joined another server. The server kicked me out and gave a message that KZ hack was detected. I joined another server and the same...
  11. K

    Buy point and shoot cam

    Plz suggest a few good cams in the lowest possible prices Requirements-- Support RAW,HD video recording,Image stabilizer i don't mind using hack kits to implement any of the features Budget 6-7k
  12. dalbir

    hacking of webdam

    is this possible to hack the others webcam it their computers are off?
  13. socrates

    Vodafone, Acer and the Telegraph suffer DNS hack

    Web provider NetNames targeted Vodafone, Acer and the Telegraph suffer DNS hack | News | TechRadar UK
  14. D

    bypassing cyberroam???

    our college has restricted our access to many websites like Facebook,youtube...and also restricted downloading using cyberoam security... so is there any way to bypass this security ?? as many people say that its almost hack proof... guys it would be a great favor if u'll help me out...
  15. naveen_reloaded

    PS3 Hacked At last !! Hypervisor has fallen !!

    Hi Its been really long i came here... nearly a month (21-12-2009 @ 4PM hi hi ..) I saw the news and rushed to have discussion here .. but to my suprise there was no thread , no in Tech news or in Gaming section... if there is already a thread running , merge this one to the existing one...
  16. topgear

    Windows 7 RTM Cracked With OEM License Key

    Well, that didn't take long. With every release of Windows is the inevitable race by the pirate community to crack it. Even with activation schemes, which make things considerably more challenging, hackers were able to find a way to activate Windows Vista with a special OEM key. This very...
  17. G

    FREE AIRTEL Live gprs hack

    As am a long time user of airtel live gprs hack...wanted to share how u can also use ...i wanted to confirm whether this works hence after researches found this procedure useful n working with many ppl iam not the finder of this hack....credit to forums i searched with google n the members...
  18. M

    Hack: Unlock Your iPhone 3G in 2 Minutes

  19. A

    hack n' slash games

    i ove playing hack n' slash games is there any good gae lige dmc3 that can run without a gfx card
  20. iMav

    10 Tips To Enhance Windows Usability

    Some of my favorite tweaks in Windows, the list has manual methods & an archive for registry entries can be found at the end with all hacks mentioned. 1. Restore Previous Folder Windows At Logon: My Computer –> Tools –> View –> Check ‘Restore Previous Folder Windows At Logon’ option. 2. Use...
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