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  1. S

    i5-2400 vs i5-2500k for gaming ?

    h67 vs p67 vs z68 mobo Which among these motherboars is the best for gaming.I'm looking for a motherboard for a price < 8k. It would b gr8 if you can giv d pros and cons of each mobo(h67 or p67 or z68).
  2. pulkitpopli2004

    Need a monitor for around 4.5 k

    Hi friends Need your help.. I want to purchase a monitor.. My budget is max 5k. Not more than that. Screen Size - above 15".. which ever comes in budget.. Bt picture quality should be gr8... i dnt need for gaming.. i normally do video editing,rendering, etc... suggest me some good...
  3. setanjan123

    Gfx card price

    hello evryone. Could somebody tell me the price of 8800GT in kolkata. I knw its old n out of market bt considering that it runs most modern games till maybe 2009-10 its a gr8 crd. Cn any1 tel me its price nd where cn i find one? Thnk you
  4. M

    Best In Ear (IEM) earphone below Rs 2500

    Hi I am looking for the best In Ear (IEM) earphone below Rs 2500 with descent bass. Audiophiles please help!! It will be gr8 if you can tell me where its available. I live in bangalore.
  5. krishnandu.sarkar

    Mobile within 3.5k

    Hey friends, It's time to change my 5yrs old Nokia 1110. So suggest me a mobile within 3.5k (I can stretch it a bit if I get sumthing really for the extra bucks / VFM). Well....The features I'm looking at are : 1. GPRS (I need it most. I want to be always on). I'll love to use Opera...
  6. rhitwick

    BRAID the PUZZLE game

    Guys, anyone playing BRAID? Those who played Portal would surely love it. It has more challenge and fun than Portal. Its 2D but gr8 visuals. Its one hell of a puzzle game. Try it and lets here ur opinion on it.....
  7. S

    Career in gaming

    Can any1 help me on a career on gaming?? I love gaming n wanna make a career out of it so if u cud help me it wuld be gr8
  8. T

    best player for 1080p/i videos??

    on my friends dell xps 1530 with t8100 proccy also 1080 videos frm digit dvd hd trailers lag. so i am thinking that the prob is in the player and not the hardware am i right?if so pls suggest best player for such hd media for both windows and ubuntu also 720p has no probs and runs well and...
  9. skippednote

    Learning php

    Dear frndz i want to lear to make phpfox themes and scripts but have no idea about.if u could give some free links and ebooks wud be gr8.
  10. P

    Good news for razer fans !!

    hey friends there is gr8 deal going on razer products!! will recommend to visit this website:http://www.techenclave.com/hot-deals-and-discussions/go-razer-108951.html
  11. P

    Video Cam Mobile

    hey guyz, which is the best vid cam phone out there? the phone should be under under 15k. Howz sony ericsson K910i? well i found the cam was really good, but does it bring gr8 results in vid too? btw which n series phone has the best vid quality. but it should be too expensive.
  12. Garbage

    Congrats Gigacore... GigaSmilies v1.1b in Digit CD this month

    CONGRATULATIONS Gigacore !! \m/ o_o \m/ GigaSmilies v1.1b are in the CD on January 2008 issue. Gr8 start of new year... :D
  13. T

    gr8 indian TV programme guide site

    ppl i wanted to share a gr8 find with u all www.zipazap.com which is a indian site which has the tv programme listings of many channels and i s really helpful u can also set alerts for ur fav serials and also sign up for a weekly newsletter zipazap recommends which will contain all the...
  14. alekh_khanna

    RANTS -- PC vs Console..??

    P.S.:- This is my ranting..what i feel..plz dont flame..thx.. Hi, I was new to the console world abt 2 years ago.. Used to get exited seeing anybody play a PS2 or Xbox etc.. I used to think it would be cool to own these consoles, play for hrs on them without worrying whether a new gameis...
  15. H

    Hows W300i????

    Well i want a decent cell arnd 7k...i m inclined towards w300 as i get evrything out of the box...hpm-70 , 256 mb memory,data cable...shd i go for it??? Features i m looking for: Gr8 music.. Games.. Fm Vga cam is ok for me...
  16. A


    The game EA's Cricket 2007 runs fine on Windowx XP on my HP Pavilion PC....... but today when i installed the game on my sony vaio C-25, the game started gr8 but the arrow keys are not responding to angled shots(most of the time, it played once or twice, else the batsman kept leaving the...
  17. nileshgr

    A gr8 site for webmasters

    Hey guys, i was just googling for a content manager for my site and i came across a gr8 site for testing different CMS, blogs, forums, wikis without installing them on your server/host. It is www.opensourcecms.com
  18. blademast3r


    Hi guys ne1 playin gunz here? i jus started playin yesterday and its gr8....highly recommended for every1....
  19. rahul_becks23

    Buying from online

    Well , guys ....... i wanna buy a Sennheisr headphone . Can anyone plzzzzzz....... tell me how to buy online............. It would be gr8 if u can help me .......... :)
  20. BBThumbHealer

    Digital Camera....

    hey guys.... can u ppl plz suggest a nice digital camera available in the market having gr8 features till the range of 8K ? Thnx BlackBerry7100g.
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