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  1. A_ashish_A

    Psvr/oculus rift/vive

    Any fixed india release date for psvr and oculus rift or vive? Googled it but didn't got any proper answer.
  2. S

    Need Suggestion on to buy Bluetooh Mouse

    Hi guys, I need gud Bluetooth mouse (without dongle )becoz i have only one USB port in my Mac Air book ,When i googled ,i find out this Amkette mouse e-bay(link)here,but i need suggestions to buy ,my budget is Rs.900. Regards Sabari
  3. powerhoney

    How do I root the Defy +

    As the title suggests, how do I root a Defy + running Android 2.3.6??? None of the methods that I googled seem to work!!! :cry::cry::cry:
  4. lordirecto

    Need an Amplifier under 5k

    Hi, I want to buy an Amplifier for my Alessandro Grado MS 1. Till now I have connected my headphones directly to my PC, and so I am not sure if I am making full use of my headphones. So I plan to buy an Amplifier at the earliest. I googled around a bit, but was not able to find any amp within my...
  5. sukesh1090

    using AMD Application accelerator

    guys i want to know how to use Firefox,chrome and Microsoft office 2010 with the help of amd application accelerator using amd graphics card.i googled this but i din't got the answer. thank you.
  6. R

    Twitter Portal and Twitter Apis:help req

    Hi everyone I need some help with this Twitter portals thing... one place, specific topics and members tweeting...something on the lines of Europatweets - What is Europe doing? where do i get started ? I googled a lot but couldn't find anything on it...anyone ?
  7. A

    help me choose between these two 2.1speakers

    Logitech Z323 Logitech X-230 please don't suggest any other make guys. i've already googled a lot, and have narrowed down to these 2 models. thanks in advance:smile:
  8. F

    Broadband Speed Question...

    Wondering about this... I have BSNL 1350 plan which advertises 512kbps. Speedtest.net shows me... on utorrent, the speedgraph peaks at 50-60 kbps... Is this reasonable? am i missing out on some settings that should make my d/l speed higher? anyone else with the same plan...
  9. rohitshubham

    Counter Strike 1.6 trainer

    Hey can anyone of u give link of the counter strike 1.6 trainer. actually one of my friend needs it and i have googled but wasn't able to find it thanx
  10. P

    where can i find this???

    Can anyone provide me the links for daler mehndi hit albums please..I googled it but couldn't find any useful link...please help...
  11. M

    ATI 4850 VGA Cooler

    Hi guys my friend had ordered a Sapphire 4850 GPU, all the reviews say it runs hot so he wanted a aftermarket cooler for 4850, googled & found no cooler for 4850. Will the 3850 cooler fit for the 4850. Please suggest, budget 1.5k
  12. hmphfpolo

    Cost of software

    how much will Adobe After Effects CS3 Professional 2008 and Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 cost? ive googled but didnt find any? where can i find in bangalore? thanks
  13. G

    Getting this error msg.

    Whenever I start my PC, a error is shown which reads "C/WINDOWS/System32/BerasJatah.exe was not found.....Make sure you typed the name correctly''. I googled but it did't help to kill this problem. This has made my PC damn slow. But to do.
  14. satyamy

    PDF Editor Needed ?

    My Friend is a Chartered Accountant He want a Software so he can Edited the PDF File i.e. He will download PDF Forms from here http://vat.maharashtra.gov.in/atyourservice/downloadShow.php?actId=00016 and fill all the details like Name Address No. etc.... in the download file using some...
  15. PCWORM

    Dictionary program for SE-W810i

    Does ne1 know wether a free Dictionary program is available for SE-W810i(.jar file) I googled for it,,but didnt find anything remarkable...
  16. chicha

    jericho help

    i am playing this game, not only its boring but i am not able to use my special power. it says q and e and some space. how do i use them? i googled it but did not get any proper results.
  17. Gigacore

    Another wallpaper by Giga

    Well guys.. just I had 15 minutes to spare.. so thought of doing some gfx work.. googled, found two wallpapers, remixed and uploaded to deviant ART SEE POST #8 :D May look crappy, though
  18. M

    JET FLASH Usb drive problem

    getting always a write protection error whenever i copy files to the flash drive. googled a lot but no solution. It's a transcend 2A series 512 MB pen drive.
  19. goobimama

    Help in configuring Router + modem

    I've got this BSNL connection running on a D-link modem. And I've got a Linksys wireless router. What do I do? I've plugged in the modem on one PC with the LAN cable and it works perfectly. But I want to connect it to the wireless router and use the internet through there. Any procedure I...
  20. phreak0ut

    Answering machine software for linux?

    I have got an application running under to answer my phone in case I'm not at home, on Windows. I wish to run a similar application on my linux box to do the same thing. I'm currently running SuSE 10.2, but if that application is able to run all the distros, that would be great. I've Googled a...
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