1. S

    Buying advice for a new phone under 10-18k

    A: INR 10-18k max 2. Preferred display size, type and resolution? A: 5"-5.5", IPS LCD/AMOLED, FHD and above 3. Preferred operating system? (Android (with version), iOS,Windows Phone etc). A: Lolipop and above 4. Preferred connectivity options? (4G, 3G, 2G etc). A: 3G, 4G with Volte...
  2. kool

    Touchscreen Laptop @Rs.15k ( iball flip X5) should i buy ?? need suggestion.

    Hi guys, I want to buy a touchscreen laptop for my mom just for learning, skype, online shopping etc. And today i saw "iBall X5 flip" for Rs.15,000 on Amazon. It has Z8300 processor, 2GB ram, 32GB internal, windows10 presinstalled, 10,000mAh battery. Is it good to buy this laptop ...
  3. A

    Upgrading PSU

    Hello people, I am upgrading my graphic card, I will be buying GTX 970 or 1060 3gb, I currently have Antec VP 450 psu .. So which psu would be good for me. I dont want to spend too much. Below 5k would be good. Config: Amd fx 8320 Cooler Master Hyper 212X Gtx 970 or 10603gb 1Tb WD Blue...
  4. M

    LG G5 worth 36k?

    Wanna know if G5 is worth 36k considering the specs (especially presence of microSD slot and good camera) or should one go for Samsung S7 for 40k?
  5. B

    Planning to upgrade my current rig

    Current specs : - RAM : - Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1333 MHz 8 GB CPU: - Intel Core i3, 2120 3.3 Ghz Gfx - GT 520 Motherboard : - MSI H61M-P20 (G3) (MS-7788) Hard drive : - WD Green Cavair (1 TB) Toshiba 160 GB (Its 10 years old I think and still works well) PSU - Not aware what...
  6. krish_techie

    Need Laptop for Multimedia and Editing within 60k

    Hi Guys, I'm Looking for a laptop with the below features : 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) ~60k 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? ~ >13 Inch 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook? ~ Mainly for Multimedia consumption...
  7. S

    GRE or GMAT?

    My cousin is willing to take MS in abroad. So which exam is Good, GRE or GMAT?
  8. B

    32 Inch LED TV With Good Sound Quality

    Hi Friends, I'm looking to buy a 32" LED TV with good picture and sound quality. 1. Budget --25k ( can be +/- 2k for good option) 2. Display type and size - LED 1080p 32" 3. Primary use of Tv - As a TV 4. Ports Required - Mandatory:HDMI,USB Optional: Ethernet, VGA 5. Preferred choice of brand -...
  9. S

    40+ inch Full HD LED TV under 40k

    1. Budget= 40-42k 2. Display type and size= 40+ 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor= TV 4. Ports Required= HDMI-2, USB-1 5. Preferred choice of brand=Sony, Samsung, Philips. 6. Any TV/monitor in consideration=BRAVIA KLV-40R352 7. Any other info that you want to share - I need a 40 or 40+ inch Full HD...
  10. M

    Which Country is best for tourists?

    Which country is best to visit in world to have good tourism?
  11. wwwescape

    HDMI cables and USB OTG cables

    Please suggest me a good HDMI cable to connect my set-top-box and PS3 to my TV. I've heard that AmazonBasics HDMI cables are good but they are expensive. Also please suggest a good USB OTG cable that can be used on Samsung, Sony, Lenovo and Redmi phones or tablets. Thanks.
  12. aroraanant

    Need urgent advice

    1. Budget? 10-15k, but there is no fixed budget 2. Display type and size? 5" or + 3. Dual sim? Not required 4. Preferred choice of brand? Samsung 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera)? Camera should be decent, not very high end but should be good 6. Preferred...
  13. P

    MSI GL62 6QF vs Asus ROG GL552VW vs Lenovo Ideapad Y700

    Hi friends, I am looking to buy a laptop among the following three : 1.Lenovo Ideapad Y700 80NV00J3IH 15.6-inch Laptop (Core i7-6700HQ/8GB/1TB/Windows 10/4GB Graphics), Black 2.MSI GL62 6QF 15.6" Laptop (Core i7 6th Gen/ DDR4 8GB/ 1TB(SATA)/DOS/ NVidia Geforce GTX 960M, 4GB GDDR5) 3.Asus ROG...
  14. N

    Wifi router purchase advice...pls urgent (as amazon is giving good discount)

    Dear all, I want to buy a wifi router for following need: 1) using net upto 15 Mbps speed over my phone and other devices i may buy later like TV, tablet, PC 2) I want to make my router a wifi storage hub by connecting a portable harddisk, preferably through USB 3.0. 3) to securely access...
  15. C


    I'm new here. I hope you can suggest me a good mobile as I like to play games :)
  16. L

    Want to Build A gaming Pc for 1.50 lacs

    So im totally noob in making Pc. i get confused between graphics card,monitors,cabinet etc. so can any one suggest me a good gaming specs under 1.50lac. i wanna play high end graphic games like gta5 , witcher 3 etc. 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are...
  17. M

    Upgrading from ASUS Zenfone 2

    My ASUS Zenfone 2 is broken.Im looking for a new phone within the budget of 15,000. That has good camera,Good performance,casual gaming.. Please suggest me.Is Moto G4 Plus a good choice? Is the design boring?
  18. K

    Android smartphone with good camera under INR 20k

    hi, please suggest me an android phone with good camera. 1. Budget? 20k (margin 2k) 2. Display type and size? 5.2" is ideal, but not more than 5.5", type doesn't matter as long as it has good display 3. Dual sim? not necessary 4. Preferred choice of brand? any good quality brand (but not...
  19. M

    Best mouse to buy under Rs 5000 ?

    should be compatible with win 10 and at least 4000 dpi with good ergonomics.
  20. A

    How to select a laptop in this huge lappie world

    Dear friends, i am looking for some good laptop with good configuration for graphics purpose. I am a graphics designer and need some high end laptops for my designing freelance work. I am looking for Nvidia G-force of atleast 2GB, 12GB of RAM, i7 processor, 1TB HDD and 22'' full HD screen. Can...
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