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  1. harshilsharma63

    Need help with Linux

    Hi. I need assistance regarding g++ installation in Ubuntu 12.04. this is what happened: > I installed gcc and g++ version 4.4 using 'apt-get'. > I also installed gcc and g++ version 4.6. After this, 4.6 became the default, but the tool I'm usng doesn't support v4.6 of both compilers; only...
  2. Ashokkumar01cbe

    please help to solve this c program based on MACROS

    include"stdio.h" #define prod(x) (x*x) void main() { int i=3,j,k,l; j=prod(i+1); k=prod(i++); l=prod(++i); printf("%d\n%d\n%d",j,k,l); } i got the output in gcc compiler as 7,9,and 49 please explain me how the output will be like this..
  3. bijay_ps

    help in starting movie ticket project

    Hello friends!! I want to develop a online movie ticket project using either c or c++ language. But I am a bit confused that from where should I start. I mean on which platform. For general coding purpose I have always used either GCC or Turbo C compiler. And I don't knw database connectivity...
  4. bijay_ps

    [SOLVED] unable to lock administrator directory problem

    I was trying to install gcc by using "sudo apt-get install gcc",using terminal window ofcourse,and i gave me an error msg that E: could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open(11: Resource temporarily unavailable) E: Unable to lock the administration directory(/var/lib/dpkg/),is another process...
  5. A

    Installing GCC on mandriva

    Hi guys there is a bit of problem. gcc is required for installing softwares. And its not there in my installation of Mandirva presently. I know that I can install it from the setup disk, but I dont have access to it untill next week. So how do I go about installing it? I downloaded gcc source...
  6. iinfi

    possible to install GNOME 2.26 on cent os 5.3?

    hi all, i am running centos 5.3 on my system. is it possible to install GNOME 2.26 on my box. the one which came with the OS is 2.16. will i need to install the latest GCC or XSoftware Development, GNOME Software Development etc.? will i face further dependency issues while installing GCC...
  7. vamsi360

    Command line gcc compiler for windows

    Hi friends....I want to know if there is a possibility to use Mingw gcc compiler in command line in windows similar to using cc in linux. If it is possible please post the explanation here and the commands to compile and execute. I have installed Migw gcc in my system.
  8. Desmond

    How to install Tarballs in Ubuntu 8.04?

    In Ubuntu, whenever I run the Config shell script which comes with any .tar.gz or .tar.bz, it shows that it gcc cannot compile programs. I heard that the gcc compiler is on the Ubuntu disc, but not installed by default. How can I install it?
  9. blueshift

    GCC error- help

    1. When I compile using GCC, its giving me error 'cannot find stdio.h...other header files.' Its just a simple hello program that I checked. It used to compile the last time I ran. I checked the directory: /usr/src/linuxheader.../include/asm. There are no stdio.h, stdlib.h header files. What...
  10. dreams

    Evolution install issue

    Hi techies, I have Redhat enterprise linux 5 installed in my computer. I need to install Evolution in it since I am using it as a server. I downloaded the bz2 file, extracted it. But when I try to configure I get a error as follows. [root@localhost evolution-]# ./configure...
  11. red_devil

    ubuntu - gcc package problem

    Guys, today i installed a copy of Ubuntu 7.04 { from a CD and not a DVD }... since the CD comes with limited packages, i'm having a problem with the GCC package. i tried to run some sample C program to make sure the GCC was properly installed and when i tried to compile, i got an error message...
  12. T

    How to use clrscr() function in gcc?

    Is it possible to use functions like clrscr(), gotoxy() in gcc? I have found that conio.h is for windows only, but is there any workaround to be able to use it in linux?
  13. nitish_mythology

    For the First Time -- Compiling from Source

    I have always been using repos n its my first time I am trying to compile from source....So need help! I am tryng to compile the pidgin plugin pack. Know the basic steps Here is the output from the terminal... after running the conf script
  14. M

    c programmin

    hey guys i want to use vi editor for my programmin i was using putty to connect to linux based server and write programm now i want to use vi editor in my comp how can i use wat to download and how to use i use windows xp and i want gcc wat should i do
  15. iinfi

    how to install GCC in linux(FC8)

    i need to install gcc in fedora core 8 where do i get it frm? where to download it frm?? i dont get anything rite whn it comes to linux ... damn
  16. Dark Star

    Compiling Error!

    Hi Guys i am facing this error quite some times.. I do ./configure works gr8 make :got error sudo make install again error Here is the error output shashwat@shashwat-desktop:~$ cd /home/shashwat/Desktop/pidgin-2.3.1 shashwat@shashwat-desktop:~/Desktop/pidgin-2.3.1$ ./configure checking...
  17. Kenshin

    Pidgin plugin problem installin

    I am tryin to install a plugin for Pidgin called music tracker.Am gettin this. kenshin@cutie:~/Desktop/musictracker-0.4.1$ ./configure checking for a BSD-compatible install... /usr/bin/install -c checking whether build environment is sane... yes checking for gawk... no checking for mawk... mawk...
  18. praka123

    C Programming basics

    Hi, programmer guys please write a small introduction to C programming.this is for absolute nuts like me and other newbies.also explains why we should program using latest IDE's or gcc compiler and NOT to use turbo c antique compilers.the ISO standards etc.Will be thankful if you contribute...
  19. a_k_s_h_a_y

    help: hw 2 install GCC in DSL ??

    i want to install GCC in Damn Small Linux i hv installed dsl thru virtual box !! i could not install VLC player in DSL as it says no good or compatible compiler available now how do i install GCC and then finally install any program that i want ?? i tried to google but i did not understand...
  20. cynosure

    Compiling C in linux

    I am new to programming and am using an ebook to learn C. I am crafting my first program i.e "Hello World" I compiled the program using gcc and--like the ebook described--I compiled it correctly using "gcc -c Hello.c" and got a Hello.o file. The ebook further said that if I use "gcc Hello.c"...
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