1. Cyberghost

    How to backup and restore Origin Games??

    Hii I recently bought simcity from origin. I want to know how to backup this origin game.... Please help....
  2. Arjun609

    Best Racing Game!!!

    Best Racing Game PC !!! I know only racing games like Need for speed,Dirt and blur.I think that Need For Speed is the best But Iam curious that is there any game better than need for speed
  3. xSF

    Game Development after +2?

    Hi, I am currently studying in 12th std (classes starting next month). I am confused as what to pursue after 12th. I am interested in game development, and have already made a few decent games using Unity3d. I am more interested in the programming side than the design. I still have not been able...
  4. Arjun609

    Gaming Softwares!!!!

    Essential Softwares For a PC!!!! As Fas As I Know these are the best And Needed CPU-Z Available In Rog And OC Edition GPU-Z Available in Rog Edition MS-I AfterBurner MS-i Control Centre XPadder MS-i Kombustor SpeedFan NVida PhysX DirectX11 SplashTop Gamepad THD Fraps Winrar...
  5. Arjun609

    Best CPU Cooler Under 5000(Rupees)

    Can Anyone Suggest a best CPU Cooler Under 5000 As Far as I Know Cooler Master Evo 212 is te best!Is There any other best? My Socket is LGA 1155 My Rig Intel i3 2120 Intel DH67cl ati Radeon HD 6670 DDR3 2Gb Transcend 4x2 1333mhz
  6. sumonpathak

    Asus GeForce GTX 780 DirectCU II OC review

    Introduction The graphics arena is very dynamic now a days, with the acquirement of ATI in 2006 by AMD its been a constant battle between the Greens and the Reds with both side having their share of the crown. For the last two progressions however we can see both side trumping respectively...
  7. S

    Any War thunder players here?

    Hi Guys, Well I m new here, I would love to know if there are any "War Thunder" gamers here. As you might know that WAR Thunder is a free multiplayer dogfighting game involving WW2 fighter planes. Recently gaijin (creator of WT) has launcher Tanks version too..though that is paid. I am sure...
  8. N

    battlefield game launching problem.

    I have battlefield 3 game.( my laptop specs are win 8, nvidia 740M 1 gb graphics). when I try to launch the game the screen turns dark and not show anything for long time.plz help.
  9. P

    Show off your game graphics

    I thought there should be some thread for all to share their video games graphics which they feel are really worth a look. If you have any modded game with tweaks profiles etc then mention that and if possible write about them and share a download link and yet remember to post a pic of...
  10. T

    Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate Deluxe Edition Help Needed With an Issue Making Life Hell

    Hey there, I am new here and also relatively new to gaming. Nice to be here.:lol: So I installed 'Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate Deluxe Edition' It works fine...except there is one major problem with my drivers or laptop or whatever. Problem The game loads fine. The game has some...
  11. snap

    Do you think the sense of 'community' is gone since game devs run the multiplayer servers themselves

    Do you think the sense of 'community' is gone since game devs run the multiplayer servers themselves? : truegaming Discuss...
  12. N

    game launching problem

    I have Sony (nvidia 740M graphics, 1 gb). when I try to launch any game ( especially counter strike) the error comes saying "video memory more than 15 mb" and game crashes.plz help.
  13. a_k_s_h_a_y

    VR Gaming experience at GDC 2014

    Eve Valkyrie on the OCULUS VR, You are inside a spacecraft inside the mother ship and checks are done, then you are launched out real fast at very high velocity! My absolute reaction was WOW WTF! Also the xbox controller gives you feedback at the launch, that felt damn good.. The first...
  14. D

    Any first person or third person pc games which are non-violent?

    Hello people.:wave: I know I'm asking an awkward question here,:blink: but really, is there any game which is non-violent? I tried Mirror's Edge, but that too has fightings. I'm not asking for child-games but "real life game" or "min game". A game where the player interacts with people, live his...
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