1. swatkats

    Beam Fiber New plans (60% More FUP); Up to 50mbps Speeds

    Update: FUP now includes both downloads and uploads. Beam Upgraded Speeds on its Present plans yet again. 60% more FUP is being offered on Plans above 999 . Plans applicable from Today! - 1660 Plan is Discontinued and users on that plan have been upgraded to 25mbps will be Getting extra 30Gb...
  2. ithehappy

    BSNL Broadband: Does your FUP apply properly?

    Title says it all. For example of you've UL800, after 6 GB (or I don't know what is the limit) speed should come down to 512 kbps, from 2 mbps. Does that apply after the usage of 6 GB? Or you keep getting 2 mbps speed? I might upgrade my plan to 1350 (or 1400 atm), but I am scared about that...
  3. A

    BSNL - For online gaming.

    Is BSNL's 512 kbps(750 ULD plan and after the FUP) is suitable for online gameplay? like BF3, CS 1.6 , Dota 2?
  4. A

    Beam Broadband goes crazier, 20 MBPS for Rs 1660 & 15 MBPS for Rs 1110.

    the only problem FUP is not increased, for 15 & 20 MBPS speeds, 30-40 GB is too low.
  5. C

    New Reliance broadband Plans

    I dont believe this.. I was just looking for a new broadband connection and i saw these new broadband plans from reliance.. 4 Mbps unlimited (no FUP) for 1099 ..??? Is there something fishy ..? Welcome to Reliance Communications
  6. crucio96

    Dismantling AIRTEL Smartbytes

    Ok so airtel has this scheme of buying smartbytes data when you finish up with your download quota under FUP. After my quota has been consumed, it yields a red colored page every single time i start my internet. Its fu**ing irritating and useless.. Any ideas as to how i can kill this feature?
  7. arsenalfan001

    Unlimited Broadband connection at Sector - I, Salt Lake, Kolkata

    Guys, Recently moved to Kolkata. And now I need a broadband connection, speed should be unlimited without any FUP SH!T, 1Mbps or more and should have low pings (<100) for EU servers and should have minimum downtime. I can pay around rs. 2000 / month at most, not more. Suggest me some ISP...
  8. Ironman

    I am fed up with this "Slow Speeds" & "FUP" . Any Provider with good speeds in KOLKATA

    I am fed up with this &quot;Slow Speeds&quot; &amp; &quot;FUP&quot; . Any Provider with good speeds in KOLKATA I am absolutely fed up with BSNL ULD 700 or something like that .....which i use FUP 6 GB but every month they change speeds in near 4 GB .......... CHEATERS I am a heavy...
  9. Desmond

    FUP-free ISPs.

    These are dark times, where every ISP screws us over by limiting blazing fast bandwidth to stone age speeds on downloading a fixed limited amount of data. Such FUP, are a capitalistic ploy of companies to save bandwidth, consequently distributing limited bandwidth to the consumers. This...
  10. amruth kiran

    good datacard(dongle) needed!!

    hey guys!! i live in bangalore. i need a usb dongle. the monthly payment should be for 1000 rs max. and for atleast 10 gb till fup. i have the tata photon +. it sucks. so please..!! i heard mts is good.
  11. N

    No FUP in BSNL 900 plan!!!

    Maybe due to some technical error, i am getting full 4mbps speeds even after 8GB limit. I have downloaded almost 18GB at 500kbps without any FUP!! Am I the only one or other users are also enjoying it? Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  12. Ankit07

    Query about sify 1 Mbps unlimited @898

    I just want to know that is it truly unlimited or is there any FUP? & also is there any other cheaper 1 Mbps broadband plan available in faridabad?
  13. prabhu.wali

    Wi5 1mbps unlimited!!!

    hey fellas,jus got myself 1 mbps unlimited plan from wi5 for 899+tax/month coz of the F***ing FUP from airtel,so for so good :D
  14. Orionz

    Tata Indicom Broadband- Need Help

    Hello guyz, i just want to confirm the current status of Fair Usage Policy. as i have enrolled for the home 599 UL plan(512kbps) from TataIndi.Broadband..........so it is actually unlimited or FUP is applicable.thnx!
  15. J

    Airtel Max 10 GB -Airtel/KT/FL/10 feedback

    hi friends, I am planning to take the Max 10 GB -Airtel/KT/FL/10 from Airtel as there is no BSNL Broadband in my area. I would like to get some feedback as to the FUP of the said plan. I read on some other threads that at night the FUP is not active. Is that true ? I am based in bangalore.
  16. Rockstar11

    1 Mbps Unlimited Broadband India

    BEAM TELECOM 1Mbps @ 850 (FUP - Speed 1Mbps After Download (40 GB) Limit Speed 512kbps) MTNL 1Mbps @ 999 (No FUP) NIVYAH 1 Mbps Unlimited (2 Mbps Night ) (NO FUP!) @1,065 RELIANCE 1Mbps @ 1099 (No FUP) AIRTEL 1Mbps till 15 GB, 256 Kbps after 15 GB @1099 BSNL 1Mbps upto 9 GB , 256 Kbps...
  17. NoasArcAngel

    Airtel launches new 4Mbps plans....

    i was just reading through some forums and i found this : *www.airtel.in/applications/leads/impatientones/experience/index.jsp enjoy airtel ke salves with FUP ..... it should be renamed as F**** Y** POLICY :lol:
  18. red_devil

    Say Hello to TATA INDICOM's FUP [Fair Usage Policy]

    Well well, we all just got luckier. After AIRTEL introduced its Fair Usage Policy, its now the turn of TATA INDICOM. . :shock::shock::shock: though the limit on the "unlimited" connection is much better than AIRTEL's, TATA Indicom's terms and conditions say that they reserve the right to...
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