1. Anorion

    Indian Conspiracy Theories

    National Anthem written for some other purpose? India can replace fuel with fuel cells? Our ancient sadhus rode dinosaurs? Russia something something? Bob Marley was Baba Murali? 100% consperancy vPFN37gs6Yw too muuch A gift that never stops giving KrFLo5Wxn2s
  2. ssb1551

    New FZS v2 launched today

    Yamaha launched FZS v2.0 today. The only new feature is Fuel Injection other than few cosmetic changes. New 2014 Yamaha FZ-S gets fuel injection| ZigWheels.com How much do you guys think it'll cost in Bangalore?
  3. TheSloth

    no product key for original games

    I bought a racing pack games which includes Race Driver:GRID, DIRT and FUEL. I didn't get any serial key inside DVD case. And no sticker for any game. Yeah I have invoice, at home, I am at hostel. the DVD pack was sealed too. The game DIRT is running without inserting game DVD, but FUEL &...
  4. M

    "Conflict minerals" in your PC and cell phone fuel civil war in Congo

    "Conflict minerals" in your PC and cell phone fuel civil war in Congo
  5. rajivnedungadi

    Digit to cost Rs.150/- per issue

    Digit has told us about the positive thing but not the negative part of the story. Digit would be giving two DL DVDs with each issue but the price has been hiked to Rs.150/- for each regular issue. A few months ago they skipped the DVD casing and then from this issue they skipped the CD, the Jan...
  6. S

    Methanol-Based Fuel Cell For Your Pocket

  7. S

    Samsung aiming for Water-Powered Cellphones by 2010

  8. panacea_amc

    Petrol: how to increase ur mileage?

    helo al, petrol is pricd at 51.75 bucks/litre. i own a CBZ. i remember sum liquid stuff frm Castrol @rs 80 per bottle, which they say, ìf i add to my fuel tank / litre of petrol, will add to the mileage. have u tried?
  9. manas

    Buying a new bike...

    I am going to buy a new bike. :p I am only having 125cc/135cc bikes as an option.:( Since I want a good fuel economy along with performance thrown in. The 100cc bikes are too crappy and I cannot afford the fuel economy of the 150cc+ bikes. :D My options currently are Hero Honda Glamour...
  10. raksrules

    Will our Good Intentions Work, Plz Help???

    Hi all, I own a Unicorn and work in Pune. Many of the people who own two wheelers in my company have Voluntarily decided to make the best use of fuel in terms of saving their own money as well as do a bit for the environment. For this we have decided that one should kill the engine at each...
  11. phreak0ut

    Scientists Recycle CO2 with Sunlight to Make Fuel

  12. A

    New Apache 160 EFI

    Whether New Apache 160 EFI will beat bajaj pulsar These are the pictures of new TVS Apache 160 EFI (electronic Fuel Injected version). Will this beat the bajaj pulsar? Specifications: Engine Displacement: 159.7cc Engine: Fuel injected 4-stroke single cylinder Max. Power: 11.54kw @ 8500 (...
  13. Rollercoaster

    Biking: Fuel consumption on slope at low gear?

    I was bored today with nothing to do so i went to mussoorie in the morning on my bike (Pulser 150dtsi). Came back abt 6pm. it was nice a nice ride as always recharged my spirits :p But i got thinking abt something. consider going down a gentle slope with no breaks and low gear like 2nd or...
  14. shadow slayer 2007

    A sports car that runs on any fuel

    It can seat 3 ppl side by side too ITs comin out in late 2008 and targeted price is around 28000-59000 us$ Wen i saw the image it looked like a toy car go to the links at the end to see features and specs All these environmentally-friendly cars of the future we always see require some fancy...
  15. B

    which computer would be apt?

    cud u tell me as to what config should be best for usage in an auto-emission testing centre in a fuel station? the cheaper the better.
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