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NTLDR is missing

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nach p


Hello guys,

I want to know what is the NTLDR.
Yesterday suddenly my friends PC get hanged &when restarted "NTLDR is missing " was shown.Then inserted Xp bootable cd and tried to repair but fails to do.After doing fresh installation all things were ok.But I want to know what is the meaning of "NTLDR is missing"

Nach p


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You can rectify this by creating a bootdisk for your computer. To do so, format a floppy using Windows XP format utility. Next copy 'Ntldr' and 'Ntdetect.com' files from the 'i386' folder on Windows XP setup CD or from a computer running the same version of XP. Create a 'boot.ini' file and then modify it to match the computer you are trying to access
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