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Good to frequently poll your card's sensors?


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Note: This does not consider overclocking. This does not consider good air-flow in you cabby to drive out hot air and other physical stuff.
Would be great if opinions have references as well.
Note that I am also a noob, having no knowledge in this.

So I spent a huge money on my card, I better use it with precautions.
Every time I run new games, I fire a third-party sw(Afterburner, fraps or whatever) to poll the sensors on my card.
There's a list of them - power, temps, fan speed, etc.
For each game, I see that it's all within limits while in-game.

I then start becoming extra careful, start using the s/w pretty frequently, you never know what
those gfx-itensive games might do to your card.

So, is it fine to frequently use these softwares? How ruggedly built are those sensors?


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its not a question of ruggedness... sensors are built into every microprocessor, voltage convertors, and the internal firmware monitors them. thats the reason why PCs shut themselves off when the voltage/temps are extreme.

you are not polling the sensors. they are monitoring themselves constantly, you are only taking the reading out of the card, to your display.

so take reading at liberty. \m/


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I use sensor monitoring app ( hwinfo ) all time - right from when windows boots into desktop.
There's no harm in pooling those sensors, the sensors will anyway, be taking readings all the time for the purpose of auto-throttle, power management, over-voltage protection and tons of other things, weather you see the readings or not.


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@topgear: how do you enable Graphs for, say, RAM, Proc Speed, GPU Temp, on the HWinfox64 Gadget??
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