1. S

    frequent BSODs(Video_TDR_Error)

    hey guys,for quite some time i have been experiencing frequent BSOD's,whose cause i am not sure about.generally,my pc's fine but whenever i play any game,no matter how less graphic intensive it is,it sometimes BSOD's and displays the BC code 116,which is the Video_TDR error.this problem doesn't...
  2. R

    [BSNL][ADSL] Unstable

    i am using BSNL connection , lately i am having frequent net disconnection , atttached image showing status valued , does this values means low QTY net? I am having frequent Disconnection problem's
  3. T

    backup time

    how much backup will i get from 600VA, 700VA, 800VA , 1000VA UPS' ?? I am purchasing a computer & i need some backup since I will be doing work & there is frequent power cut here. Display: 19" led, ~3k graphics card
  4. sanny16

    Frequent internet disconnection

    I use MTNL triband 752 kbps unlimited plan with wifi connection. Modem model: 450TC1. I stay in navi mumbai. There is frequent disconnection of net after regular intervals. The four led (green) is on all the time, but my network symbol changes to local connection only. I am using windows vista...
  5. A

    LG Optimus 4x !!Urgent

    My friend has a special deal only valid for today in which LG optimus 4x is priced at 22400 and LG optimus VU is priced at 21600. I am planning to get a new phone but was waiting for a relative from the US for the Nexus 4. But since the specs of these three are quite similar, should I go for...
  6. C

    Is the ps3 3d display here?

    As the heading states, is that monitor in Indian market yet? If it is, where can I get one? And, by the way, how frequent is ps3's frimware updates, and how big they usually are? Thanks in advanced
  7. vaibhav23

    problem in downloading during 2 a.m-8 a.m.

    During 2a.m.-8a.m. I am getting speeds upto 20 KBps on IDM and upto 14 KBps on utorrent.I first thought it to be antivirus problem but later found that it was not.During this time there are frequent disconnections and adsl takes a lot of time to become stable. Please help
  8. H

    Frequent BSOD's

    Hi Guys, From last couple of weeks im getting Frequent BSOD's from which i have totally fed up.Last Month I had given my Motherboard at service center, after receiving it the problem was solved,but frm last 2 weeks it started again!! I have already replaced my Memory n HDD couple a months...
  9. avichandana20000

    nokia 5230

    does nokia 5230 support Adobe flah player? if yes , how to download and install it? does frequent FACTORY SETTING do any harm to mobiles?
  10. A

    Pc hangs frequently

    My friend is using intel pentium D 2.66 on asus P5RD1-VM board with 2gb ddr1 ram and 160GB sata HDD. When he uses his PC it just hangs for some seconds and stop the working of keyboard and mouse. When he used ubuntu live, there was no problem, when he runs XP problem is less frequent....what do...
  11. hluachawngthu

    How far re-installation of Windows affected the PC?

    How far a frequent re-installation of Windows has affected the Hardware or the PC? Is there any suggestions?
  12. furious_gamer

    Frequent System Crash

    Yes, you heard it right. Day before yesterday,i was working in my system, while at that time i opened around six applications say eclipse,media player,a mysql server, photoshop and dreamweaver 8. After a few hours, when i press the Build button in eclipse it hangs. So i just re-boot the system...
  13. ironfreak

    Frequent formatting damages HDD ?

    I've this query since long time in my mind- Frequent formatting, partitioning, etc can damage/corrupt any hard disk ??? Throw your opinions...:smile::smile: Also share your experience if u have faced any such problem.....;) Thanks already.
  14. 2kewl

    RAM Query!

    Hey Guys! I recently installed a 512 DDR 266 alongside my 256 DDR333. I thought it shouldn't be a problem as the both should run at 266. Howver my 266 RAM is OC at 333 and as a result Im getting errors with many programsn and also frequent BSOD's. Is there a way I can make both the RAM's...
  15. Ecko

    Windows XP Update !!!

    If there is a way to integrate AUTOPATCHER XP into Windows XP CD or ISO :?: I've tried many packs such as RYAN etc but they are not as frequent as AUTOPATCHER XP:lol:
  16. Choto Cheeta

    FireFox Using 729MB of Virtual mem...

    a system running AMD 2600 XP 512MB DDR with 80GB in winXP SP2 (uptodate) a wroing of Low virtual memory (which is set to 768MB) has become very frequent.. when i reffer to the TASK manager this is what i found... FireFox is eating 729MB of it.... i have not done any ff tweak what so...
  17. a_medico

    Reliance R-connect LG - How to avoid frequent disconnection?

    Relaince R-connect City - Jaipur Mobile Handset - LG Rd2130 Range - Full Problem - Frequent disconnection / Dormancy Mode Is there any way to remain connected without disconnecting again and again? Thanks a_medico
  18. Apollo

    Monitor issues

    Something that's troubling me... I have a 15" HCL HCM580M monitor. It's four year old. Lately, from the past six months or so... I've seen that the performance of my monitor has been slowly, but surely, degrading. Currently, it isn't half as bright, as it used to be, even when I've the...
  19. F

    Need URGENT help!

    Hi folks! need some quick help on the following 2 things: 1) Could you recommend a few sites from where i can easily get free MCSE braindumps? 2) What could be the reason of explorer.exe giving me frequent errors? And it has to be shut down after that :( Thanks, in advance! Anuj...
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