1. A

    Angry birds free download

    where can i downlaod angry birds for free for my win 8 suggest an offline version
  2. B

    Free EA game.

    Maxis has apologized and has offered users a free EA game.. The offer is for Simcity users only. Read below: Maxis Apologizes, Offers SimCity Players Free EA Game - IGN or Maxis Apologizes, Offers SimCity Players Free EA Game - IGN
  3. sandynator

    Custom Duty Applicable for importing Brainwavz M1 IEM From Mp4 Nation

    Guys, I'm planning to grab Brainwavz M1 in offer from Mp4 nation. The final Cost coming around $ 26.02 + Currency conversion charges 3% extra & FREE Shipping WORLDWIDE AIRMAIL WITH TRACKING (10 - 30 DAYS) $0.00 Will there be any Custom duty OR any other charges applicable if I choose Free...
  4. A

    Which software is easy to draw and free for making home plans?

    Which software is easy to draw and free for making home plans?
  5. krishnandu.sarkar

    Ways To Increase C Drive

    I have allocated 100GB For C Drive and after upgrading to Win 8 a huge amount of free space has been taken up by Win 8. Now I'm left with 0 bytes on C. I have to clear history, uninstall some (less important) programs for everyday use. But I want some permanent solution. NOTE : I know...
  6. M

    Get Advance System Care Ultimate 6.0 for free

    To get free serial for ASC ultimate 6 All you need to do is just send an email to “” with title and body as “Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6″ you will receive your free serial. You can download Advance System Care Ultimate 6.0 Download Advanced SystemCare...
  7. B

    Real Racing 3

    The game looks and plays awesome and is still free.. You can play the complete game free... How EA makes money is buy in-game purchases. Howevr the good news is that its not the stupid boosts(the pay to win type) but things like repairing your car etc. Which can also be done without purchases...
  8. R

    How is seagate backup software?

    Has anyone used the seagate backup software. Pls share how is it as compared to other free backup softwares in terms of speed of backup, reliability etc ....?
  9. G

    Useful online educational Resources/OCW/Courses

    1.Khan Academy KhanAcademy 2.NPTEL NPTEL NPTEL youtube channel 3.Coursera Coursera 4.Udacity Udacity 5.Edx Edx 6.MIT Opencourseware MIT OCW MIT Youtube channel 7.Open Yale Courses Open Yale Course 8.Youtube...
  10. paroh

    Bluecoat K9 Web Protection, Free Internet Filter and Parental Control

    Block web sites in more than 70 categories, including pornography, gambling, drugs, violence/hate/racism, malware/spyware, phishing Force SafeSearch on all major search engines Set time restrictions to block web access during designated times Configure custom lists for "always allow"...
  11. M

    Problem in Free calls in "BBG FN COMBO 600" plan

    Hi Friends, I received the BSNL usage bill a couple of days back. I noticed that the free calls were charged. There are 250 free calls in the plan "BBG FN COMBO 600" but in the bill it has been mentioned that just 8 calls are free and those 8 calls are "Free Usage Amount-ONNET". Please refer...
  12. tkin

    [For Sale] Panasonic FZ150 for sale in almost new condition!!

    For sale: Panasonic FZ150 Condition: Sparingly used, almost new, not a single scratch anywhere, neither or lens nor on lcd. Expected Price: 20,000/- 19,000/- Cancelled Date of Purchase: 07/2012 Warranty Remaining: Yes, 1.5yrs Invoice: Available(see pic) Reason for sale: Upgrading to FZ200...
  13. K

    Any recovery software?

    Hi Guys, It relates to windows xp professional. I deleted all website histories AND THE LIKE using FREE EDITION OFCCLEANER. Is there any free recovery software to recover everthing? In which place the visited website details will be stored on WINDOWS XP PROFESSIONAL?