1. D

    need to edit photos..any readymade softwares

    hello digitians i want to edit my photos,using some cool photo effects and frames. im newbie in photoshop i'm learning it now..but i want some readymade stuff where i can just click on apply button and it should change the frame of photo. i came across many website like photofunia and...
  2. R

    Video Encoding: For Beginners

    More and More people have started to use their PCs for Multimedia Playback and Content creation, it is hard to miss how much Video is being shared today by people online. Most of us have a lot of Movie DVD's ( Originals ) with us that we want to backup, however most people tend to use lousy...
  3. A

    Suggestion needed will be upgrading

    helo frnds, i recently bought intel core i-5 , 2 gb ddr-3 1333 mhz kingston ram ,7200 rpm 320 hdd. I hav a 8600 gt graphic card and nw i am upgrading it to amd 6850 . I am also buying a new hd lcd moniter. I want to enquire whether amd 6850 will be able to run crysis engine based...
  4. sandeepkochhar

    Digital Photo Frames???

    Recently I was in Croma, Ghaziabad and the digital photo frames caught my fancy. There were few branded ones like of Sony and some others were just Croma branded frames. Can you suggest me some good quality digital photo frames. The cost varied between 1450/- to 5000/- in Croma. I hope to get...
  5. Tenida

    Hour of victory??

    When I start the Hour of victory, It has a Picture Show .I have only 10 Frames in 30 sec. !!!!!!!!.After that when i am playing the game. The framerates not running smoothly and frames are totally still in every 10 sec. Anyone knows the solution of this problem??:?::?::?: Intel DC E2140 1.6...
  6. G

    Add camera frames to w810i

    Hi friends, I was wondering whether i can add more camera frames in my sony w810i. If yes then please give me the link for it. Thanks in advance.
  7. W

    Do you use Anti-Aliasing? Anti-aliasing(AA) many games have this feature as an option. You can decide weather u want to use it to "smoothen" the image or not. It slows down the overall frames per second(FPS). Now with power cards from ati & nVidia, does it make sense to...
  8. bukaida

    How to display different pages in target frames dynamicaly

    I have two dropdown boxes where clicking each element calls different pages.Each page contain a pdf fileand is diplayed on the upper and lower portion of a page frame respectively.Is it possible to design a mother page with two frames where the content of the frame is selected based on the...
  9. krates

    A cool tutorial for making a line dance in flash

    A cool tutorial for making a line dance according to the shape and colour’s provided Requirement’s: Flash 8 But work in other’s also but not in the below format A quick note: Don’t convert the line into any symbol Let's Begin Select the line tool See below You will find this Click on...
  10. T

    Adobe Premiere 6.0 -- Help needed

    Can anyone tell be how to insert transition between two frames of video or title files:confused: :confused: ??
  11. K

    how can i get this one

    hi friends, i own w810i and i want to have photo frames ( like monkey frames where i can put my friends face in that and click and show to him. its like a making a fool) you can click on the below link.
  12. hailgautam

    What is Compiz with COW?

    I see this option in the Beryl - Compize with COW. Please tell me what it means? It gives me the theme that I had selected in Beryl but is much lighter than Beryl. In Beryl I get around 40 frames persecond now I get 105+ frames..
  13. hailgautam

    Capture Fancier Screenshots with RumShot

    TechBuzz RumShot takes screenshots, but it’s not just a mere screen capture utility. It addition to capturing your screen, it puts beautiful frames and borders around it to make it look fancier. So, does it involve any complex procedure? No… Not at all, I created all these within a wink of...
  14. R

    Changing Web Page Appearance using FireFox

    plz forgive if this is alredy posted. :) ------------------------------------------------------------ Changing Web Page Appearance using FireFox Disable blinking elements You probably just find the blinking above annoying. To stop it, add the following code to your user.js file: // Put an...
  15. arunks

    why not 640x480

    i have 7610 mobile phone and it captures photos in 640x480 resolution but when i record video in it gives only 176x128 resolution plz tell me why is it so.. i think video is just a sequence of frames. so if a single frame i.e. a image is shoted at 640x480 resolution then why...
  16. S

    Please guys help me

    In yahoo groups we can join a group and after we can's see the images of other members so my browser does not support inline frames so if there is a option in internet explorer then please give me answers so we can see the images of other group members.
  17. A

    Video Capture

    Hi....I am a primitive man. So I have a primitive PC....PIII, 667 MHz, 256 MB 133 Bus speed SD Ram, 8 MB onboard Graphics. I use Windows XP SP2. Is there any way I could capture Video from my Handycam Hi8 tapes through USB port (its compatible) using Windows Movie Maker? I can capture any...
  18. R

    Good graphics card for the masses.Here is the answer!

    Did anybody saw this review at THG? Serious performance at affordable price (less than 100$, may be 8000 INR here). If somebody can bring it from US, u get 50 plus frames per second in DOOM3 and HL2 at 1024x768 @ less than 4500 Rs
  19. tuxfan

    Should frames be used in HTML designing?

    Just need some quality opinions. Should frames be used in web pages? I have read at some places that frames should not be used and some places recommending frames. Earlier things were different because there were browsers that didn't support frames. But now there is no such problem...
  20. hansraj

    video editing blues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Iam looking for editing *mpeg or *avi file clipping in which only selected parts of the frames need to be changed.... to be precise i want to remove any kind of background and want only centere area with the selected frames of my choice ....please suggest any good software which gives me this...
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