Best 42 and 46 inch TRUE LED TV


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One of my friend is buying new LED TV. He is looking for 42'' or 46'' Display.

budget will be around 1 lakh(can be extended little) and he is planning to buy in next 2 weeks

So please suggest both 42'' and 46'' True LED TV.
1)must have USB ports which can play most formats
2)HDMI(1080p),composite,DVI connections.
3)with IPS panel if possible or good viewing angle
4)ethernet port if possible
5)must have superior picture quality(high contrast ratio)
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Are there any 42" available..? Mostly 40 then right to 46. I hardly saw 42. LG has a 42 but the screen panel is actually 40". Picked up the 40EX52 Bravia.


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How is the performance of Sony Bravia 40Ex520 and what is the cost of it ? i am also planning to purchase a 40/42" led tv. I have narowed down on Sony,Samsung & LG. What is your experience with new Bravia ? How it is compared with models from Samsung & LG. Please suggest.
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