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  1. theserpent

    Small April Fool Pranks

    Guys tell some small april fool pranks to put on facebook
  2. desai_amogh

    need a call cheater app (creates background Noise on calls) - Nokia 5130 XM

    Hi Guys, I need a mobile application.. this app plays background sounds while on an ongoing call (like noise in traffic, airport, etc) to let the other person know that you are busy. There is one available for series 60 phone and i am not able to find anything for my Nokia 5130 XM, is a...
  3. jxcess3891

    Who is India's biggest fool?

    Who do you think is India's biggest fool?
  4. R

    A Joke Per Day - everyday update

    There was a lady from the countryside who came to the city and checked into a hotel. Then she said to the bellman, "I refuse to take a tiny room like this, with no window and no bed in it! You can't treat me like a fool just because I don't travel much! I'm going to complain to the manager!" So...
  5. Kiran.dks

    April Fool Ad!

    Good one. Check this guys: http://www.timesjobs.com/foolmaal/index.html
  6. napster007

    What is wrong with youtube?

    guys...i have a problem recently when i was trying to open youtube....the browser automatically closed and a message was displayed "Youtube is banned you fool! The administrators din't write this program....guess who did? Muhahaha!!" what the hell just happened?????
  7. nvidia

    Publish yourself as genious!!!

    Hi, Here is something that i'd lke to share with all digit forum members:D You can actually fool your friends(all those dumb ones) saying that you have a site in your name!! All you need to do is type www.<yourname>.<your surname>.youaremighty.com Example : www.nvidia.8800.youaremighty.com...
  8. napster007

    Sos Help!!!

    hey guys, this thread might be completely off topic but i seriously need your help. ok here goes.... i have to get a fever which id not that serious but fool proof and should last atleast a day(minimum). i really need to know how...lz help me guys.
  9. chicha

    orkut is banned here fool!!!

    muhhaa?? this is what i get when i type www.orkut.com. i use ie. well its not exacty not me, it comes in my unlce's office and he wants that in all the pc's. what is that thing. the proper message is this. "orkut is banned here you fool, the administrator did not write this, guess who did"...
  10. gaurav_indian

    5 friends!

    This is crime story… Five friends lived in a room, Namely… Mad, brain, fool, nobody and somebody. One day SOMEBODY killed NOBODY. At that time BRAIN was in bathroom, MAD called police. MAD: is it police station??? POLICE: yes, wts the matter?? MAD: SOMEBODY killed NOBODY. POLICE: r u...
  11. dineshameh

    The Greatest Show on Earth

    Model Karen Elson is stunning and emotive in this helter-skelter circus set by Steven Meisel. Don't let this opening shot fool you, she is one of the only models working today who has more than one facial expression.
  12. T

    GTA 4 Announced for PC

    April Fool. :D.
  13. G

    Tatasky ke uper dishtv

    Hi, everyone. I am a new fool in this forum. Yes fool because I don't know much about all in this forum. OK lets come to the point. Do anyone know how to watch Tatasky dth through dishtv's zenega STB? Another question is , do anyone know when is dishtv going to launch dish DVR. I heard that...
  14. S

    Fooling Wikimapia

    Hi, I created a new place in wikimapia.but nobody is approving it so it is always in upcoming.whenever i try to approve it myself it detects that i am the creator and my votes don't count. Is there anyway i can fool it so that my votes get counted . I tried deleting all cookies,temporary...
  15. M

    Please send flash tutorials

    any body please give some links for flash tutorials. link should contain clearcut tutorials not like some sites the make fool by giving links to other sites.it should be free
  16. ax3

    Hotmail passwrds ! ! !

    can hotmail passwords b hacked ??? & whot precautions should v take ??? & how 2 create a fool proof password ???
  17. gdatuk

    Recharge prepaids for free

    Dear My all friends Please follow the instruction & you can recharge your SIM card absolutely free. Yes it is possible, see how technology can be used to make technicians fool. [Edited] drgrudge HEE HEE HEE..ban gaye na fool. I have already told you, at the start of this mail. How to make...
  18. V

    You gonna help me or not?

    Please help me friends! From where in Delhi I can buy the Apple iPod 20 GB Model & how much I have to pay for it? I created this thread 3 days ago and no one help me till now Everybody giving me the links to other sites no one telling the dealers address. You guys very disappointed me. Is...
  19. S


    i really made a fool of myself....i was doing really well in NFSU2 with my honda civic....winning all races in the first attempt....but one fine day i saw Ford Mustang in the car showroom....i got really tempted to try it and I accidently traded my fully loaded civic for the mustang and i also...
  20. gauravsuneja

    help my dvd rom identifies cd but not any dvd

    help my dvd rom identifies cd but not any dvd i tought threis aproblem with digit dvd as april fool prank but even the chip dvd doesn't work
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