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Archer C20i vs Archer C20

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Im living in a 1BHK flat on the top floor.

I was currently using Netgear JNR1010 N150 for the past 5 years which started giving me trouble recently.

I have around 8-10 devices which are always connected to the router.

I have also made my desktop system as my media server.

After a lot of research i found the Archer C20 to be the perfect router.

But the Archer C20i just looks so so more elegant.

Just want to know if the physical presence of the two antennas makes any difference.

Also i had considered buying the D-Link DIR-816 Wireless AC750 (but after reading the reviews it seems it has a lot of issues)

I used to get my WIFi range even at my terrace.(Since i stay at the top floor)

Suggestion of any other router in the budget of 2.2k would also be fine.

Im using Broadband Cable Net (Alfa Mumbai, 5 MPBS)


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Usually more antennas means more bandwidth(& not more range) which is a must have if no. of devices simultaneously accessing the wifi network is large.
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