1. karna

    Does BSNL monitor website traffic?

    Hey guys, I'd like to know if BSNL monitors the websites I'm visiting. I'm on 900UL Plan. I use flickr quite a lot and surf around. it's a big time waster for me. I'm asking this because it looks like BSNL banned flickr here i'm getting 403 not found error. this happened a day after i used...
  2. alsiladka

    My Flickr Account - Give a look in your freetime

    Hey guys, currently dont have too many pics, but every now and then i do post pics on my flickr account. All pics have been snapped using my N73ME. Give comments if you like :)
  3. Vivek788

    Yahoo! Photos Closing

    Hey I got a strange mail saying Yahoo! photos is closing and will be supported till october some date only,so please move onto Flickr.That too,there is a direct link to transfer all your photos in Yahoo to Flickr. I was surprised that nothing about this was posted here.I would like to know if...
  4. nithinks

    Blogging in Word 2007 -Uploading Images

    Hello members, When we configure Word 2007 for blogger, Inorder to upload images, it asks Upload URL Source URL what are these things? I have registered for flickr and i am unable to find these URLs . check this Shot at 1969-12-31
  5. goobimama

    Yahoo buys Flickr?

    I was browsing through Flickr today, when I noticed that it was owned by Yahoo. When did this happen? Or was Flickr a service by yahoo? If someone knows more about this, it would be great. If this has been posted before, I apologise, cause I searched the forum "Flickr yahoo"....
  6. K

    Flickr Goes International With 7 Languages

    Flickr, the popular online photo-sharing site owned by Yahoo Inc., said on Monday it is moving to further internationalize its service by creating versions in seven major languages besides English. The three-year-old service, which was founded in Vancouver, Canada by the husband-and-wife team...
  7. morpheusv6

    Yahoo 'censored' Flickr comments

    Flickr is one of the most popular photo-sharing sites Yahoo has been accused of censorship on its popular photo website Flickr, in a row that has highlighted the issue of copyright in the online age. Earlier this month photographer Rebekka Gudleifsdóttir discovered that seven of...
  8. S

    flickr desktop gadgets/widgets please

    does any1 know of any widget that can display flickr pics from the net. don't suggest yahoo!widgets. anything other than that pls.
  9. eddie

    IE team sends Mozilla a cake for the upcoming release of Firefox 2?

    I simply couldn't believe it when I read this. It looked like an April fool's joke at first but then it is not April. Source: Flickr: Flickr...
  10. LegendKiller

    Flock 0.5.11 released (excellent updates.....)

    Flock is a browser based on Mozilla Firefox, and designed to help people participate to the online communities such as Flock integrates, and Flickr to help you share your bookmarks and photos with your friends. Flock also integrates tools to help people blogging. It's...
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