1. Geekysam

    Dell inspiron one 24 5459 heavy flickering

    I have been using the above mentioned PC since nearly 4 yrs I frequently play games on it such as Gmod Half Life 2 Gta San Andreas call of duty mw 2 and 3 and Deus ex 1 revision mod and Deus ex 3 with out any issues how ever last night while playing Gmod my screen started flickering very badly...
  2. D

    Laptop pixel flickering

    The bottom line of my asus laptop is flickering. I am not able to figure out the issue.
  3. quicky008

    Red flickering lines and dots appearing randomly on monitor-please help

    I've been facing a strange issue with my pc for the last 2 days-sometimes when i play a game for a while,red flickering dots and lines start appearing randomly on the monitor.This is really strange as i've never faced such issues with my pc before.At first i thought that this was happening as...
  4. V

    32 inch LG LCD problem....

    Hello Friends, I have a 5 year old 32LD550 LCD TV from LG. I have not used it much (approx 10 hours per week). 2-3 days back the screen started flickering and now the TV does not start. There is no picture/light on the screen nor on the bottom indicating that the TV is on. Just a blue light is...
  5. S

    Laptop Screen Flickering Post Win 10 upgrade

    Hi all, I recently upgraded my Dell Inspiron 5420 from the pre installed Windows 7 to Windows 10. About a week after the upgrade I have been facing these random instances of screen pixalation and flickering. The duration is also variable (max about a minute or so) and then the display becomes...
  6. D

    Screen flickering issue

    Hello all, My pc config is Gigabyte B85 D3H,i5 4440,2* 4gb Corsair C9 ddr3,Corsair VS 650,Samsung EVO ssd, Win 8.1. currently i am not using any GPU. Sometimes my pc is showing distortions and flickering as shown in the pic. Flickering is horizontal and there is KHHHHRRRRRRRRR noise. Only...
  7. Tarun Singh

    Is Nexus 7(16 GB,WIfi) the best deal for Rs 7999 ?

    Flipkart is selling Nexus 7 2012 version for Rs 7999 here : Google Nexus 7 2012 Tablet But I am afraid what if I get a defective tablet with issues like screen flickering and all that problems reviewers are saying.Please someone help me out.
  8. abhi_10_20

    [Query] LCD monitor flickering - needs a service?

    I have a Samsung 2233SW monitor. It's been like more than two years and was working very good. Just a few days back, it started flickering - say once in 5 seconds, it blacks out and comes back right away - and this is at regular intervals. I connected it to my laptop and saw the same...
  9. sanny16

    Fluctuation on dell led monitor

    I have Dell 21.5 inch LED Panel Monitor-S2240L (Black) and its only 6 months old. I have noticed slight fluctuation or flickering effect only on a specific portion on top right hand side of the screen. What could be the cause of such flickering? The content on the screen does not flickering but...
  10. harshilsharma63

    Monitor flickering problem

    Hi, I'm using i3 2100's IGP. Sometimes when I exit a full screen game, the monitor starts flickering (see attached video). The flickering is stopped by either restarting or going to sleep and awakening. The problem has occurred only 3-4 times in the past two months. I have overclocked the igp to...
  11. Baker

    laptop screen flickering with weird colours when plugged in

    Guys.... its a 4 yr old lenovo laptop and i replaced LCD screen 2 years back..... problem : 2 months back all of sudden 2 lines came on lcd display , but i thought of move with this issue since it is not causing much problem. but for last 3 weeks screen starts flickering and most...
  12. D

    [SOLVED] Screen flickering for AMD HD 7770 / Monitor not recognized by OS

    My friend recently purchased a Gigabyte AMD HD 7770 graphics card. Firstly the games he played would freeze for a few seconds and then the notification would show in AMD CCC that device driver has failed and recovered. This was solved by updating the drivers to latest stable 12.6 catalyst...
  13. Scott274

    Screen Flickering Problem.

    I just upgraded my motherboard, processor and RAM almost a week back. After installing the hardware, initially everything ran ok on a freshly installed windows XP. But as I started using the PC, updating windows etc, I stared noticing a slight flickering of the screen on the right side. This is...
  14. D

    A curious case!!!

    its a week long problem with my hp-compaq preasrio 1720il bundled out with ATI Raedeon xpress 200 series graphic card/adapter(512 MB memory shared with RAM). My problem is that after a use of my PC to 10-15 minutes, its starts to flicker and goes on continuously ... leads to difficulty in...
  15. H

    Please help laptop display problem

    I am having dell vostro the screen is flickering sometimes. What can be the problem?
  16. S

    My Monitor is flickering

    My Monitor is flickering. I changed the monitor twice (CRT & LCD). But the problem does not solve. I read few forum, they said it is a common problem of magnatic field by TV, Refrigaretor, etc. But now my PC is a seperate room and still flickering. Its starts from the booting (and on the BIOS...
  17. R

    Help needed!

    my sys confi: intel quad core 2.32, 4 gb RAM, nvidia 260gtx graphic card. prob lies tht, when i play fifa 09 screen starts flickering. it happens only in fifa 09.rest of the games are running smoothly,i have all updated driver. plz help
  18. S

    Lg Monitor....

    Guys,I own a 17 inch crt Lg monitor which is of 4 yrs old. last year my monitor started flickering and there are some distorted lines that started coming.. i took it to an hardware expert and got it repaired. And now again, it started flickering and the edges got cut off and now its like...
  19. K

    Unsual problems with Mouse cursor flickering along with the Windows explorer

    I have a very unusual issue with me computer. I have just configured a new system with AMD X2 5000+ with gigabyte 690v s2 mobo. everything works fine, but the Mouse cursor keeps flickering along with the Windows explorer. Its too fast and too frequent. The mouse cursor changes to hour...
  20. caje143

    Computer Not Responding Properly?????

    Hi Guys & Gals(If any ;-)) well i am having this strange problem with my PC since yesterday night.. as usual when i connect to the net i start to download stuff.... so i had left some downloads going on and had gone to my friends place... For downloading i use Getright Pro... so the...
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