1. I

    Has anybody used/ bought Vu (65) 163 cm Premium UHD SMART LED TV (LTDN65XT800XWAU3D) ?

    Hi, I was curious to know if anybody has any experience with the new HDR Vu TVs that were launched in September 2016. I am not talking about their Iconium Series, but the newer set of 4 TVs, 2 are curved , and 2 are flat Specifically the model number Vu (65) 163 cm Premium UHD SMART LED...
  2. kool

    How to extend WIFI signal to 2 flats on same floor ? Help me !!

    Hi guys, I am using BSNL broadband with Siemens modem + TPLink WR740N wifi router in my flat. I have also other flat at the same floor but distance is 40-50 feet from my flat. I think buying LAN cable gonna cost me more and also not suitable for wiring. In a row there are 3 flats. and my...
  3. Ronnie012

    Cowon Em1

    Writing this review in haste(would've liked to give it some time, but as the saying goes - Time 'n' Tide waits for none. Or does it?) Bought the cowon Em1 3 weeks back and been using it since. At first sight, Damn..the device looked cool. It's a red coloured earpiece with distinct flat cables...
  4. eggman

    Residents of Kolkata , Please help

    Hello I'm moving from Bangalore to Kolkata (for a year or two) .Kindly help me with few of my queries. My office is in DLF IT Park in Rajarhat. What is the best area to live nearby (10-20 mins travel on Bike is acceptable ). My requirements : 1 BHK flat or 1BK flat. Area: 450 - 600...
  5. theserpent

    Jony Ive's iOS 7 To Be "Black, White And Flat All Over"

    A cheap java OS image is coming in my mind now. After steves jobs, Apple is loosing it.IMO,It might give a clean and neat look, but colors look better.
  6. P

    New earphone under 2000-2500 k

    New earphone required under 2000-2500 pls suggest some cool earphone with some good base and with flat wires and no mics
  7. T

    Connecting Laptop to Flat TV

    Laptop: Dell Vostro 1400, TV: LG Flat TV. What is needed to connect the two & what are the things that I can do by connecting the two?
  8. anirbandd

    ACIII AA Error??

    This is with all settings max and AA Max. and this is with all settings max and AA medium. any reasons why this is happening?? i am getting 60FPS flat on 1.1GHz Core / 1.2GHz Memory OC on HD7770.
  9. M

    Router for 13 meter radicus

    hi i got mtnl 1 Mbps connection on my modem 8-) i am thinking of buying wireless router since i got 3 laptops and 4-5 androids :P even though all wont be connected to it all the time :wink: i am thinking of keeping my modem just like that and attach router from its LAN port but i want...
  10. elafanto

    "TV USB Player" for my Samsung flat TV

    I need a USB player for my samsung flat tv. It does not have USB port and I need to watch movie from my HDD so I need to buy a USB Player for TV. It should be able to play AVI, MKV, MP4, at least 720P. So can U suggest from where can i get it. Budget: 3.5K max
  11. bajaj151

    1 (preferred) or 2BHK flat in Delhi

    My friend is shifting to Delhi.He needs flat asap. Location : Janakpuri to Patel Nagar (Any)
  12. G

    India's highest deal for a flat: Rs 1.11 lakh/sq ft

    India's highest deal for a flat: Rs 1.11 lakh/sq ft - The Times of India
  13. mailshobhon

    suggest me a good WIFI router under 2000

    suggest me a good WIFI router under 2000 for 2 bhk flat.
  14. kool

    Flat 40% OFF!!!Pay JUST Rs. 60 for a mobile recharge worth Rs.100.

    Flat 40% OFF!!!Pay JUST Rs. 60 for a mobile recharge worth Rs.100. :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile: i recharged on diff 5 cell no. :) Deals More - Best Deals and Offers in India, Buy Coupons and Get Discount Time left 3Hrs from now.
  15. C

    Best Config within 20K

    Hi Guys, i am looking for a PC for my sister. She is studying in SYJC right now and i was looking for something that would be be sufficient enough till her graduation. 1. What is the purpose of the computer? A: Surfing, Movies, Music, MS Office, etc 2. Are you open to alternate...
  16. A

    29 inch tv

    please suggest a good 29 inch flat tv between lg and samsung with all the goodies:-)
  17. ajayashish

    Recommend me a 24" LCD

    Please suggest me a 23-24" monitor which i will attach with my laptop Purpose: 1. Working on Web development 2. Surfing 3. Watching a lot of movies 4. Playing games (i will buy a GPU after 2 months) My laptop has a 256MB Gforce 7800 I am interested in Dell but am fine if u recommend...
  18. arshadmajeed

    UPS! trouble help!

    my ups just turns off everytime i have a big fluctuation,i have a 650 smps but a 600 ups.it doesnt even store power,its about 2 weeks old,i think the flat has an earthing problem.is that it,or is it sumthing else please help
  19. eggman

    Suggest some ggod sites for apartment hunting in bangalore...

    Actually I need a 1BHK flat near Whitefield quickly .... Any other information is also welcomed!!
  20. ajayashish

    3 monitors... CONFUSED.. need help

    I have got following quote from Dell... suggst me which one to go for S16S2409WIN8 - Dell(TM) Monitor S2409W Full HD Widescreen Flat panel Monitor Rs. 12,225.13 S16G2410IN8 - Dell(TM) Monitor G2410 24 WLED Flat Panel Rs. 13,754.42 Samsung 2350... unsure of the price Please suggest
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