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  1. GhorMaanas

    [For Sale] MX audio cables, and a few others.

    # Products: 1. RJ11 Telephone cable ~8m - just the shipping-amt. 2. RJ11 Telephone cable ~20m - 220/- shipped. 3. Simple sheathed red & black copper cable (hot wires, for power connections) - ~14-15m - 150/- shipped. 4. MX 3.5mm (female) to RCA (male) cable - 180/- shipped. 5. MX 3.5mm to RCA...
  2. avinandan012

    3-pin/4-pin mobo headers male & female

    Can anyone tell me where I can buy 3-pin & 4-pin fan headers both male & female connectors?? Any DIY shops ??
  3. S

    Cool Pen Drives

    Hey Everyone This is the first time I am seeking for help for this kind of product purchase, yet i thought it might be helpful as well... :P I am looking for a cool or as u can state it a cute pen-drive to gift it to a friend ( female ) of mine. I did go through many websites but nothing...
  4. dashing.sujay

    Please fill this survey.

    Guys, I need to get this form filled up by at least 100 people in order to complete the project. > Some one fill as a female also :D For rest, TDF people are smart enough ;) And those who fill just drop a post here. :) TIY
  5. Sarath

    Gifting ideas for birthday

    Hello everyone, I was in two minds about posting this in this forum, but since I have seen many other weird threads, I am making another addition. Also I am unaware of any forums that deal specifically with such topics. Q: Suggest me something that I can gift to a female friend of mine on...
  6. Sathish

    Computer Gender... Male or Female.?

    As you are aware, ships have long been characterized as being female (e.g., "Steady as she goes" or "She's listing to starboard, Captain!") Recently, a group of computer scientists (all males) announced that computers should also be referred to as being female. Their reasons for drawing...
  7. S

    Power Problems

    To all the people up here, I have a serious problem with my pc... My PSU (Rtech 450W) has two sockets for power supply, Male and female, rated at 230V. When I connect the normal cord to the male socket, 1)The Pc doesn't turn on 2)The female socket, when tested with a tester, shows live in...
  8. shift

    Using your browser URL history to estimate gender

    CLICK HERE Me, 100% male :D:D PS : it will be 50% male 50% female if u just cleared your cookies or history
  9. vikasg03

    Mother board 4 pin female socket burns

    hi, My intel motherboard, there is one 4 pin female socket(power) where we connect 4 pin male plug from smps. due loose connection or i don't know how it burns(looks blakish) only one pin, out of 4. its working but suddenly it stop or restart . then i have to press once again then only it...
  10. sourav

    how 2 make rca male to 2 rca female adapter ?

    plz help me making a rca male to two rca female adapter i need it to connect my dvd player to pc's tv tuner as well as to tv....
  11. ax3

    Female students face more cyber bullying

    A study in Australia has found that female students have higher risk of being bullied on the Internet. The study looked at 518 female students and found that 31 percent were bullied online this year. Most of the victims were aged between 12 and 15. Cyber bullying is described as worse...
  12. B

    Usb pin numbers

    I screwed up my front usb port ........big time. Well i wat just cleaning up the cabnet from inside While doing so i pulled out the front usb connector connected on to the mobo and hell tat thing broke out in to peaces. The connector which is rectangular (the female set) sitting on the...
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