help me in deciding a tablet pc

Akhil Jain

tablet pc available in INDIA

I want a good convertible type touchscreen tablet pc below 70k rs.
Also tell me what options i have in netbook tablets.
i would prefer an optical drive in netbook.

tell me what options are available at nehru place and at what price???

If it is linux based then better as to save money.

Is it right time or I should wait till monsoon ends..

Also tell me whether ibm thinkpad available in india and at what price..

these features i will like in my touch screen lappy.

- grater than 10" screen ( more than 1024 * 768 resolution)
- touchscreen (capacitive or resistive) (both stylus and finger optimized)
- convertible design
- capable of playing mkv, h.264 format hd movies without lagging.
- handwriting recognition
- edge enabled sim card slot
- optical drive ( dvd writer)
- support for usb 3.0
- more than 4 hrs. backup in movie mode
- easy web experience
- a good webcam

it is not necessary that all features will be included , more the better.
if it is netbook then my budget is 25 k. which i may extend somewhat.

PLZ SUGGEST ME SOMETHING available in india.
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Akhil Jain

i have done some researcch and find out that these models may be launched in india. plz tell ur views whether they will fit in my catagory..

lenovo s10-3t
asus eee pc T101mt
intel classmate

what r their price??
i think none of three have optical drives..ok then wha t wud be their price.
whether they can play 720p hd mkv and 1080p hd mkv. i'm movie buff.
i have desktop at home but i live in another town for coaching 2 days every week.
i want something for my movie interests. + easy to make notes + easy web experience+ pdf reading is easy at eyes in outdoor sunlight (screen) + flash pose no problems
hand writing recognition ( that's why touchscreen)


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unfortunately, tablet PCs are still at infant stage. given your budget, why not go for a normal laptop now and then wait for the Android tablets (few should be out by this American holiday season) till December.

Akhil Jain

toshiba libretto has only 7 " screen which i think is very small . + point is that it can be used aas ebook reader easily. is it available in india.?


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wait till Dec for any decent tablet/netbook/slate to come coz nothing is availble right now which is decent enough!
also AMD Fusion is going to be release in Jan, so can wait for that coz that is going to be something!

Akhil Jain

i am still i cannot delay. i want win7/linux.
no android..
suggest me.
i like hp tm 2102 @ 37500 INR.
and acer iconica tab
help me out or suggest any better model
handwriting recognition is must.
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