Good phone under 20k


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Kindly suggest me a smartphone with best multimedia capability under 20k.

Mandatory Requirements and Preferences

1. Capacitative Touch screen
2 3G
3. Large Screen - 3'' to 4''
4. GPS - View and Download maps.
5. Camera - With Flash and video recording.
6. FM,Java,Wifi,USB and bluetooth - mandatory..
7. QWERTY - preferable along with the above features. But not mandatory.
8. Budget - 15k. Extended upto 20k.
9. Preferred OS - Android.
10. Brand - Nokia the least. (Time for change from Symbian). If no other alternatives
I can stick to nokia. In that case suggest a mobile in nokia with above features.


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Its sad that there r no good android phones in 10-20k range:evil:

The best u can get is nokia X6 or Samsung wave


HTC Wildfire should suit your requirements, it should be around 15-16k I think... But the screen resolution is supposed to be mediocre - you may want to check it out before you purchase it...



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screen resolution of wildfire is too low man just 240x320...its should be at least 320x480:smile:
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