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two cpu or one???

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do i buy one latest cpu + gpu(grafic card) for my next desktop

or a twin cpu mother board and two cpu of intel p IV 2.0ghz..

which is faster and cheaper and better...


ok first of all search .. someone already asked for this
2) obviously 2 cpus is gonna be costly
3) 2 cpus doesnt mean the speeds add/double .. it really doesnt quite work that way
4) 2 cpus and supported boards are meant for servers
5) post ur budget and purpose then we'll see what can be done
6) just to clear things out ... 1 CPU and 1 GPU !


Cyborg Agent
Amen to wot raven said, also sumthng to add is that there are quite a few consumer level apps that actually take advantage of dual cpu's. however if u are planning to invest in a PC for home use then no point in going for a dual CPU set-up. Dual-core CPU's are gonna come out preety soon ........that might add some advantage but they are gonna b costly.
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