1. W

    Teen, 2 others set up fake SBI branch, held

    Source: Teen, 2 others set up fake SBI branch, held | India News - Times of India Now this is what I call truly "aatmnirbhar" :lol: @Desmond David @Nerevarine @Vyom @SaiyanGoku @theterminator @quicky008 @chimera201
  2. J

    What is the reason why Google is tackling fake news, and why it should not do it alone?

    Hi According to the recent update google is removing the fake news. What are the ways Google can deal with fake news. How t can be done?
  3. V

    Need suggestions for a 16 GB MicroSD card for phone.......

    Hi Friends, I need suggestions for a good 16 gb micro sd card for Asus Zenfone 2 Laser. I am not very finicky about getting the fastest card and could easily pick any one from the links below but the problem is that a lot of users are reporting that they are getting fake cards online. Is...
  4. Cyberghost

    Flipkart blacklists 40 sellers for malpractices

    NEW DELHI: In a move to improve the quality of its marketplace, Flipkart has blacklisted about 40 sellers, through its mystery shopping network of 60 employees, which was established this month. "The identified sellers were selling either fake products, defaulting on deliveries or stocking out...
  5. avinandan012

    shocking !! side effect of globalization : Fake medicine - food !!

    Counterfeiting business pioneered by China. Now spreading to other nations as well. Fake products we all have experience with, are now coming with industrial scale. Now they are producing such a fakes which are 95% or more identical from the outside look, but fake inside. Street gangs/drug...
  6. Zangetsu

    [Tips] Original vs Fake One

    Hi All, As lots of people are buying the Mi3 phones and other newly launched due to hype or other reasons. so I thought of creating this thread for identifying Fake vs Original. here u can post articles,tips for identifying fake and original "This thread will serve as a guide for you to...
  7. L

    Microsoft XBox 360 Controller - Genuine or Fake

    I ordered a XBox 360 controller from Flipkart and I doubt that it's a fake chinese product. I've never used a XBox controlled so I can't tell for sure. Build quality looks cheap and in-line release is missing. Llights around XBox guide button look odd and force feedback on this unit feels poor...
  8. ssb1551

    Career Switch!!

    Hi All, I work as Tech Support Engineer in 1 of the MNCs. I wanna move out from this field into Oracle DBA. I went to a coupla institutes in Bangalore & all of 'em advised me to use fake experience in order to get into CMM level 5 companies in DBA domain. Is there no other way than using fake...
  9. M

    Dummy account on Facebook-Someone trying for threatening...

    I thought to share this incident with DTians colleagues with hoping to get some help. Someone has opened dummy/fake account on Facebook with using my daughter name. Fake account name is same as my daughter account name. Fake A/c holder connected with friends of my daughter & keeps inviting...
  10. kARTechnology


    need your help, very urgent My laptop is VAIO VGN-CS17G and now it's supplied power supply brick stopped working(got smell and no power) I already mailed sony India but have no hope that they will reply please help me this is what i sent them my vaio's included AC adapter(vgp-ac19v26)...
  11. a_medico

    Whats with these fake credit card calls?

    So I have been receiving these calls which claim to be from so and so bank and wants me to pay the credit back, which I never borrowed. I never use credit card. It doesn't take long time to figure that they are fake. So if don't tend to listen to them, they get rude. Then the guy says, I'll call...
  12. Anorion

    Fake or Foto?

    Can you tell the difference between CG and photos? take the test here >> Fake or Foto?
  13. root.king

    Nokia apologises for fake pureview ad

    Nokia in an event yesterday, introduced the much awaited Windows 8 phones to the world. The Nokia Lumia 920 is being touted as a phone that would help Nokia become a relevant brand in the mobile phone business. But controversy broke out when The Verge, first pointed out that the...
  14. TheLetterD

    IP address of A Fake Facebook ID

    Hello Someone made a fake ID of a close friend of mine, is there any legal way to obtain the account creator's IP Address? And there is a third friend whose dad is in the Police and if he gets the IP address he can immediately track it down. Please I need help asap! Cuz this guy has a...
  15. thanseer

    Paisa Live

    now i'm working in Paisa live is that fake ? i have dought
  16. socrates

    Automated Skype Call Spreads Fake Anti-Virus

    Voice call directs you to a website to install a supposed anti-virus. Automated Skype Call Spreads Fake Anti-Virus
  17. Prince Sinha

    Fake IP Address

    Hey guys, I know to fake IP Address on web but those software do not fake your IP Address on Multi Player Gaming. I had tried "Hide my Ip" and "Hide your IP". But these do not fake your IP Address, still they can trace you from where you are! Do you know any soft that works on...
  18. S

    How to use Fake/Virtual webcam to enjoy more interesting IM video chat with MSN, etc

    Recently, most popular IM software such as MSN Messenger, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, AIM Messenger, etc. support real time video chat. But if you don’t have a camera, or you want to make your webcam image more interesting, you may try fake webcam or virtual webcam. Fake webcam works just like a...
  19. A

    Fake Utorrent While Downloading Or Seeding

    I am getting Fake Utorrent While Downloading Or Seeding in peers list . the client is detected as fake utorrent i will post screenshots also see 3 screenshots i disconnected internet and closed utorrent and after few minutes again started utorrent and see same client is connected...
  20. M

    Is this Fake update website of Microsoft ???

    Dear Sir Plzzzz help me i am stuck in mud of www world. My windows xp crashed yesterday. after repairing i have got a supicious act of my IE 8. Automatically it directed to http://www.update.microsoft.com/wind...&&thankspage=5 and wants to download some windows Installer 3.1 I think this is...
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