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  1. A

    freeware for extracting RAR files for windows 8

    please suggest.thanks
  2. T

    after downlading the torrent"Prototype.2.Full-RiP.JoeKkerr.part1 " getting error on self extraction

    Getting Error When Extracting The Torrent "Prototype.2.Full-RiP.JoeKkerr.part1" with self extraction for win 7 Clipboard Details : Extracting Data04.arc Packed data CRC failed in Data04.arc The required volume is absent CRC failed in Data04.arc
  3. Hrishi

    [Help Required]C# and Active Directory Tools.

    Hi , I am planning to develop some useful tools for reducing the redundant work on Active Directory that I have to go through daily. Platform : Microsoft .NET and C#. I am looking for some resources into this , apart from those available at MSDN. Preferably those having some source codes...
  4. T

    Trouble in solaris 10 installation

    Whenever I try to install Solaris 10 on this PC with PIV processor, 512MB Ram , the installation seems to get stuck after showing Extracting Windowing system , please wait..... It remains the same even after 10-13 minutes. What is the reason?
  5. R

    extracting only last part of a split rar?

    hello everyone i have this problem as follows i downloaded a few split rar files their names were in sequence for eg abc_part1.rar abc_part2.rar abc_part3.rar ... abc_part6.rar as i couldnt wait to see whatever was in those files i started extracting as and when each of the file download was...
  6. akshaykapoor_3

    Problem with extracting files..CRC checksum error

    Hi guyz.. I am facing some problems extracting zipped files.. I have 6.5 GB Data whch is a ISO file... WinRar pops up sm CRC check error saying the volume is corrupt.. I tried repairing the archive by rebuilding it but it dint work.. I'min no mood to delete the Data:D .. Any way out ??
  7. gauravakaasid

    BEst Video Conversion Tool???

    sa the title itself says, can u suggest for a noob the best tool for converting, encoding, extracting portions of d video, splitting n joining video files?
  8. sourav

    Can NTFS is accesible in Win 98??? Yes

    Yesterday I was online I had 1 hr left with me. So, I started searching. And guess what I found. I went to http://www.ntfs.com. There I found how to access NTFS. If you have a writer you're really lucky. If you don't you can use it but you should ISO extracting software. Download the Boot-cd-ISO...
  9. U

    rar files

    Hi! I have downloaded a rar file of 15 mb size, when I try to extract in winrar, I'm getting errors & files are not extracting. What may be the reason? & how to extract it. The compressed rar files contains exe file.
  10. S

    Problem In Digit CD

    When I try to run the Autopatch version 4.6 for XP it gives an error after extracting files for 36%. The error is that the files after 36% are broken. How can I use it ?
  11. B

    CRC Errors!!!

    After downloading 79 MB of a software, i see a crc error in the zip file: Use Path: yes Overlay Files: yes Extracting Data1.cab bad CRC e6aca4b4 (should be f946dd34) HOW DO I SOLVE THIS PROB????
  12. W

    Extracting music from a song ??

    Hi guys :) , I just wanted to know if there is any software which is capable of extracting the music alone from a song....say let it be a movie song.....there would be a male/female singing with a background music going, i want the background music alone. Is there a software which is capable of...
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