1. P

    nvidia gtx 560 ti Vs saphire amd hd 7850; both are 1gb

    which is the better pick? I mean is the 560 worth the extra 2 K , or should i go for the 7850?
  2. harshilsharma63

    PSU suggestion

    Hi, I currently running on an ElChepo Zebronics PSU and want to upgrade to something reliable. My pc specs are: Intel i3-2100 2x2 GB DDR3 ram 1x Seagate 500GB HDD Intel Dh61ww motherboard and no gpu. I will be buying either hd7770, gtx650Ti or some other similar performing card in...
  3. avinandan012

    planning to buy from amazon.com

    i am planning to buy some audio equipment(like amps, woofers,speakers) from amazon.com. i am concerned about extra charges ?? can anyone enlighten me about extra charges which i might have to pay. thanks
  4. R

    Suggestions regarding psu

    My config is in my signature: I want to switch to a seasonic x760 or a corsair hx750 from my current psu,as i m finding it difficult to manage the cables.Is the modular psu worth the extra 4k and will it solve my psu woes?Should i stick to my current psu and try my hand at cable management?
  5. digibrush

    Wacom Intuos 5 Graphics Tablet

    Finally upgrade to Intuos5 after using iball for more than five years.:-D iball is still in working condition.:) Few pics of my new tablet. Intuos small pen-only model. Tablet, Pen,pen holder and nib container. Extra 10 nibs. Now I can tilt my brush :).
  6. Skynaveen

    Use Router as amplifier

    I have two wireless modem routers at my house. Can I use the extra one as a signal amplifier for the other?
  7. prds359

    Android phone under 8 k

    Want to gift a cell phone but couldn't find any decent one under 8k. Prefered brands are htc & sony ericsson. Please don't suggest any other brands. It just has to be an android, other good features would be extra gain. Budget is not flexible at-all, so please suggest me a phone within the range.
  8. bajaj151

    Change Plan : MTNL Broadband

    I want to change plan from 999 combo to 999. I tried calling 1504 but no one replied... Is there any other procedure to change the plan ?? What are the extra charges for 999 combo.... ?
  9. C

    BSNL change of plan query

    Suppose I have the Home500 plan with 1.5GB usage at day and I have exceeded the usage and extra charges are applicable. So, if I know change my plan to unlimited 750 before the end of month, do I still have to pay those extra charges for the usage beyond 1.5GB or only the new amount of the plan...
  10. R

    mobo for 5k

    A good motherboard for 5k? Compatible with phenom x4 970 or x6 1055t....wont be overclocking. On board graphics if possible would be nice. Ive seen the asus m5a97. Is the 1k extra justified? Thanx!
  11. Adibaba

    AMD 955BE Overheat

    i have AMD 955BE at ideal usage gives 55C and while gaming 65-70C is it normal? i am already using extra cabinet fan mobo-M4A88t-m
  12. montsa007

    Interest Check for Dell Streak

    Hello, Dell Streak in Mint Condition 9.5/10 16 GB MMC Extra Battery Extra Back Cover Soft Wallet Leather Flip Style Cover Rubber Cover Box and all contents (Most of them unused) No Bill/Warranty as bought from Ebay.co.uk Location - Mumbai (Local Pickup Only) Anybody...
  13. E

    [For Sale] blackberry 9900 on sale

    Model number and details:Blackberry bold 4/9900 Date of purchase:22 November 2011 Reason for sale:Need money for laptop Warranty details:Under warranty(Blackberry provides 18 months of warranty) Expected Price:Rs 23000(negotiable) Location of Seller:Patna,Bihar please tell your...
  14. N

    [Want to Buy] DDR 400 - 1 GB Stick

    Looking for a 1 GB stick of DDR400. Yeah I still use a P4 and I am running on 512 right now, could use an extra GB. Let me know the price and product details if you have any to offer.
  15. M

    maximize network utilization?

    Dear Friends, I am using Broad band by some local company Asianet infact they provide cheap AFAIK bcoz 256kbps-4mbps speed 6gb free download and 0.20 Rs for extra mb and they provide extra 6gb if we buy DTH service from them okay OKay coming to my question whenever i connect to broad...
  16. R

    what extra I need with MCA?

    Well, I am in 3rd sem of MCA (from distance)and I want to know that which language course I should opt for?
  17. I

    965 BE or 980 BE

    Well... previously i was set on getting the 965 BE. But now, i just checked out the 980, and well... im pretty impressed. AND its at the end of its product cycle so its bound to overclock better. My question is though, do both the CPUs overclock to about the same? Or does the 980 have a...
  18. Ayuclack

    Corsair PSU Problem...

    I recently ordered a Corsair GS 600 For My Computer but the guys from corsair sent CX 600 V2 instead to My Dealer...(He Is The Biggest In Here) ...So When i Refused to take the CX 600 he Called The Corsair and Guy and let him talk to me,,the guy said that there is not much diffrence in CX600 and...
  19. rohan_mhtr

    2.1 speakers for around 5k :)

    For a year i have been using altec lansing VS4121 which i will be selling soon . Currently i dont have any knowledge regarding audio equipments .Got 5k extra with me so please suggest good 2.1 speakers for my pc . Will be using onboard sound . Preferences are music > movies > games .
  20. M

    UPS neccessity.......????

    Hi,i wanted to know how much important is having a UPS???I dont need that extra 10 mins ,because i hardly work with important documents that i need to save.Apart from giving those extra 10 mins does UPS serve any other purpose???I have heard that its protects our pc from voltage fluctuations,is...
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