1. djmykey

    Hijack This Log. Pls help.

    Ok ppl this is the log of Hijackthis. I have been getting annoying popups and sites r being opened automatically in my pc so pls someone help me. Pls help me.
  2. S

    How to set explorer in Win 2003?

    I have win2003 server as an os and kaspersky 2006 as antivirus , Why am not getting site like yahoo and other when i am going to connect the internet , is there any extra setting needed for that . Plz kindly give suggestions thanking you.
  3. himtuna

    Can't install serivce pack 2 successfully

    I tried to install SP 2 but during installation it got stuck on "cleaning backup", so I ended this task and shut down the comp. While it was restarting it took a long time and Under windows logo showed please wait and then a screeen appeared asking whether to turn on Automatic Updatesor not. I...
  4. pirates1323

    Hijackthis log file... Help me..

    After downloading Kazaa ... my computer gets slow a little bit.. I am sure this is 'cause spyware or adware.. I scanned my pc with adware se pro... and removed many adwares...and also with spybot search and distroy... it also showed some of spywares.. and I removed them.. but I think there r...
  5. L

    help me asap, what is this?

    hi, when i try to copy a file from 1 dir to other dir, it says this, i hav attached the image file... i ran an online virus check, dint get any virus detected? then wats the problem? my system behaves so weird, i guess this is the reason... does any one know abt this? and i hav atatched the...
  6. J

    how to detect an extra hard disk in fc 4

    hi frd, i have a sata hd in my computer.and i want to detect a 40 gb extra pata in fc 4. it has ntfs partition in it. fc 4 can not detect in .i was check it through fdisk command.but it was not give any kind of information about pata. so pls help in in detecting my 40 gb pata.
  7. abhishek_sharma

    which ram to buy

    i have a P III, 1 Ghz computer bought around 4 years ago. I would like to know what kind of ram can i use with my motherboard. sd/rd,etc. also i would like to know whether adding an extra ram to my motherboard boost the computer's performance :?: i would like to buy 256/512 mb ram will it work...
  8. bukaida

    How to load extra softwares in 700i

    Is there any way of loading extra software in my 700i? I donot want spend any extra bucks 4 this.
  9. bukaida

    Phone under 10k

    Is there any model available under 10k which can record atleast 10 minutes of Video? Please suggest.I donot want to attach any extra memory card.
  10. gary4gar

    ADDING A NEW HDD!!!!!!!!!!

    my system specs r amd athlon 64 3000+ msi k8mm-v 256 mb 400mhz ram hynix,in which 64 is seprately for graphics 80 gb sata segrate no graphics card is installed. one exhuast fan 1.56w a 300 W psu i want to ask that if i install a extra hdd on a seprate ide connector. 1) will it burden...
  11. Choto Cheeta

    Start Page Problem with IE...

    well for past few days i am facing this problem... when ever i open a new IE window via start menu, the IE autometicaly opens with this *www.microsoft.com/isapi/redir.dll?Prd=ie&Pver=5.0&Ar=ie5update&O1=b1 address then redirects to the Microsoft update website... i have made...
  12. S


    Hi I have HCL Beanstalk P4 1.9 Ghz, 256 MB Ram, 40 GB Samsung hard disk, mother make is MSI ms-6714. I have one extra 40 GB Sigate hard disk spare and i want to use this hard disk as RAID 0 to increase performance. How can i do that :?: Am i need extra hardware or software for this :?: pse...
  13. J


    weird errors ..wott else i can say of them OS is winXP with SP2 first my comp turned unsually slow, scanned it for viruses, adware n spywares, found them, n made them correct to best of the possibility later on, there was no improveent in the speed, instead error 106 popped up on bootup...
  14. L

    hijack this fix help.

    hi, i face some problems with my internet connection. if i open yahoo games, and start any p2p software simultaneously, then i am not able to download. and also the dl speeds r not thta good. pls help me by fixing this file if any... particularly, the last 6 services, i dont want any of them...
  15. S

    please hep with internet explorer

    i have a xp pc with sp2 with broadband internet also have anitvirus ,adware,spybot but i have run all these but internet explorer automatically opens sites like search-h,etc i dont know what is the problem with it i have aslo run hjack this this is the log file please...
  16. W

    Please review my HijackThis Log

    Can someone please check my Hijackthis Log too :) Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1 Scan saved at 9:17:50 PM, on 8/8/2005 Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600) MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180) Running processes: C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exe...
  17. expertno.1

    free wap hosting

    any best wap hosting i want i dont like tagtag any other extra good
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