1. N

    Adding function to Export Table of A DLL with out soarce code

    I am not a exsperianced pogramer. I am new in this forum. I searched about adding Export to a dll all over web but found nothing helpfull. I am a big digit fan so i joined this forum . Please help , also please tell me whether any app exist to do so. If i have posted it on wrong section...
  2. clmlbx

    how to export an exe file from qt Creator

    I made an gui programme in Qt (c++) now I want it to export an exe so how can I do it.. I Googled and I found couple of links which were not much clear they all say static linking.. I believe many here have used qt and exported exe (standalone file).. so please guide me thru that process..
  3. TechPlex

    Bridging 3DS MAX and MAYA 2012

    Hello friends! I downloaded some 3D models in the .max format. There are several other files with it in the .dds format. I have Maya 2012 with me. Now my problem is I don't have 3DS Max to open the .max file and export it as FBX with a native plug-in or use PolyTrans plug-in to export it as .bdf...
  4. kool

    Apps for Nokia 5800 (SMS locker & Export)

    Guys, I want these apps for my Nokia 5800. Can anybody tell me the best s/w for my nokia 5800..?? 1) SMS locker (I want to make my GF's sms private in my cell like SAMSUNG mobile has) 2) SMS export in TEXT or HTML format (Like SMS diary for s60 v3 devices has) 3)Some useful apps like...
  5. Charley

    Export Contacts & Sms from Nokia 5800 XM to PC

    I want to Export Contacts & Sms from Nokia 5800 XM to PC. Is there any software to do it ?
  6. NewsBytes

    Creating an image gallery app with Flash Builder 4 in 10 steps

    Introduction Last time we created an widget which allowed you to search on Twitter, which introduced you to Flex Catalyst, and showed how it could be used to create a rich UI for you application. In this tutorial we will create an application which loads an XML gallery exported from...
  7. deepakgates

    printing and exporting Gridview in vb.net

    hi guys i searched the web best i can but everything went straight above my head so what is the simplest and effective method to print gridview (with all pages) Also how to export it to excel is it possible to export it to excel (in memory) and print without saving excel file.:twisted:
  8. mati17

    XML to Excel coversion

    Dear Forum, I am using Tally9. There's a facility in this software to export your tally data in other formats like HTML, XML, ASCI and SDF. I export my reports in XML format and view in MS Frontpage. But it shows data with tags (Programming Language). Can anyone have full version of XML to...
  9. S

    Problem with Arabic in PDF

    hi all.. I have a query which is related to arabic display in pdf... my client requires the data to be shown in arabic... everything works fine except, the arabic characters are displayed from left to right instead of right to left... how can I solve this problem... I use the crystal report...
  10. iinfi

    upgrade java version

    when i installed Cent OS on my machine jre-1.4.2 was automatically installed. java -version command gives the output. java version 1.4.2 now i have installed jdk-1.6_11 or jre 1.6 on the machine. now my java -version command still shows 1.4.2 i changed the path variable in...
  11. H

    Exporting Favourites....

    Hi Everyone, I want to know that can I export my "Favourites" from the IE from one PC and import it to an IE of another PC?
  12. H

    How To Import....

    Hi Everyone, How do I export the "Favourites" links from one IE a PC to another IE of another PC? Can we actually do that?
  13. H

    How To Import....

    Hi Everyone, How do I export the "Favourites" links from one IE a PC to another IE of another PC? Can we actually do that?
  14. paroh

    Windows xp registry size?

    Whats ur windows xp registry size . Mine is 179MB To find registry size go to run->regedit->file-> export and save the registry and see its size
  15. coolchop

    Is it possible to import & export tracks in AAC format in Sound Forge/Auditon

    Hi everyone, I am curious to know that whether is it possible to encode music from mp3/wma to AAC using Sony Sound Forge 9 or Adobe Audition 3. I've tried very hard to know if it's possible, but to no avail. I have also tried using Audacity but that also not worked either! Thanks! :smile:
  16. S

    Export Adobe File to Powerpoint

    Dear All, I have a adobe file with 27 pages of images. How can I export the entire pdf to powerpoint without any third party software. Thanks with Regards Subroto
  17. G

    Microsoft Outlook Backup

    I want to know how to take of the Backup of Email settings and Address Book in Microsoft Outlook. or is there any option for Export.
  18. ╬Switch╬

    Encription woes!!

    I format my Windows partition quiet often so is there any way I can completely disable encription and compression so that I dont have to import and export certificates after each install to retain my files? I use Vista UE. Thanks. :)
  19. prasad_den

    OpenOffice noob Queries..!!

    I am new to OOO and so I have and will be having many queries.. This thread may also be used to post anything about OOO - tips, tricks, doubts, clarifications, etc... Hope this is useful.. As of now my main query is: When I export my impress file to a flash format, can I embed a flash...
  20. R

    Tally tutorial - how to export ledger names,groups and balance to new company

    I assume that you have got basic knowledge of tally. open the old company(eg ramakrishnan 05-06) from where ypu want to export. Also open the new company(eg ramakrishnan 06-07). In the tally gateway click on the old company. go to accounts information>groups>multiple groups.alter>all items...
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