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  1. __Virus__


    Hi all, Got MS Outlook Express 6 and when I try to export messagesI get the error " The export could bot be performed. An error occurred while initializing MAPI." I am on limited account on XP SP2. Help very much appreciated. Regards, Virus.
  2. T

    export your contact's from one Yahoo id to Another (YIM)

    Hi pals, Who know's the trick to export / import all your contact's from one Yahoo id to Another. (On de Messenger part and not de email) lets see who answers my question. Good luck mates
  3. Choto Cheeta

    DAP file Export

    In DAP 7.2 how can I export a 20 maybe 50% downloaded file to any other system running DAP 7.2 to continue the download & complete it?
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