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  1. topgear

    Google Removed Malware Apps From Android

    Google has booted more than 20 applications from the Android Marketplace amid concerns over Android malware. Android Central reports that Google has used its kill-switch to pull 21 one applications found to contain a malicious exploit called rageagainstthecage. The exploit roots your phone...
  2. toofan

    Avast Warning: DCOM Exploit attack, from

    Help Guys, Someone is try to heck my pc. My avast is giving following warning DCOM Exploit attack, from Now what to do. if i m dissabling my RPC service then my BSNL manual connector become invisible so I have to enable it for connecting to the broadband.
  3. The_Devil_Himself

    PlayStation 3 backups running, says Alek, Mathieulh,Finally!

    Source Visit QJ.NET's PS3 NEWS FORUMS
  4. Davidboon

    is " DCOM EXPLOIT " dangerous ?

    do anyone know what a " DCOM EXPLOIT " is ,im facing a strange problem nowdays , somebody within my ip range is trying to hack or do something to my pc when it is online, but avast saves me everytime from this problem. avast shows the following message:confused::( is this...
  5. R

    Bank of India site hijacked..lolz with video..don't miss it.

    The Bank of India Web site has been hijacked by online criminals and is being used to serve up rootkits and backdoor Trojans on unpatched Windows machines. Malware hunters at Sunbelt Software are warning that a snippet of code has been planted into the Bank of India Web site to redirect...
  6. sourishzzz1234

    Avast or a firewall

    Hi guys just 1 week back i completely reinstalled my system.... Now it has Windows XP SP2 loaded in it..... I tried various firewalls but only ZoneAlarm was upto the mark.... I tried comodo, ashampoo, PC tool but all of them detected only 3 - 4 major threats in an hour..... all this i have...
  7. s18000rpm

    VLC Media Player Bug Bites at Apple & Windows

    Source: eWeek
  8. JGuru

    Exploit code published for Windows Worm Hole!!

    Detailed exploit code for a critical Windows worm hole has been published on the Net, putting millions of Windows users at risk of PC takeover attacks!! The code attempts to exploit a known vulnerability in the DHCP Client service. Microsoft warned that a successful exploit would allow...
  9. N

    New Internet Explorer Exploit

    Introduction Hai Nam Luke has discovered a vulnerability in Internet Explorer, which can be exploited by malicious people to conduct phishing attacks. Please use the test below, to see an example of how this vulnerability can be exploited, and also to determine whether or not your browser...
  10. expertno.1

    DCOM exploit

    whats this dcom exploit ? my antivirus warns about this when i am online i use win xp pro sp2 avast antivirus
  11. Akshay

    DCOM exploit ?

    1.what is DCOM exploit? I use avast antivirus and I got a alert while surfing the net.. it said DCOM EXPLOIT BLOCKED FROM (some ip addr) 2. Is there a way to speed up the booting speed of WIN XP? I use a LAN connc. and whenever lan is on, the sys boots slowly but if I remove the cable, it...
  12. ferrarif50

    Firefox Suffers 'Extremely Critical' Security Hole

    The Firefox Web browser has two unpatched security holes that could allow an attacker to take control of a user's computer system, security researchers have warned. Firefox has two unpatched security holes that could allow an attacker to take control of a user's computer system, and exploit...
  13. N


    I have Win XP SP2 installed. With Avast 4.6, Spybot S&D , Spyware Blaster installed. I have been getting messages popping up (now on a constant basis) warning of avast "a DCOM attack exploit at various IP adresses" I run Spybot and perform test. Everytime it scans , DCom Exploit threat...
  14. S

    what is LSASS Exploit [SXP] attack.

    I got a message that LSASS Exploit [SXP] attack from but somehow my Avast Antivirus Blocked that Attack
  15. S

    Annoying spyware!!! plz help

    I ran Spybot but the follwing result comes everytime I restart my computer. What should i do to remove them Error during check!: InterFun (Datei E:\WINDOWS\system.ini kann nicht geöffnet werden. The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process) () Error...
  16. I


    Hi to all. I’m having two separate problems with spyware. I’m using Windows XP Professional with SP 2 installed; I use Zone alarm for firewall and AVG 7 as antivirus. A few of my cousins use my PC for net surfing. Recently I noticed an extra button on my IE toolbar – CrackSpider.net. When...
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