1. tamatarpakoda

    [Contest Results] SKOAR! & #DewArena Gaming Challenge Winners

    Greetings peeps! We have an update on the contest results. All the entries, tweets, Facebook posts have been forwarded to the folks behind the contest. Overall, we had over 75,000 entries for the contest so the DewArena guys have asked for a little extra time to announce the winners. They...
  2. S

    I am a foreign national in India. Can I expect ethics from banks here?

    I am a foreign national in India. Can I expect ethics from banks here?
  3. E

    networking for hacking

    Hello I am in process of being a professional security expert.And as you know in order to do it I need to have good knowledge of networking.So I want to know what should I learn in networking which can help me?Which book should i refer to?And should I join a institute?And if you are referring a...
  4. B

    GFX Card for GA-G41MT-ES2L - URGENT !!

    Hello, Need your suggestion for a GFX card for the Motherboard GA-G41-ES2L, Budget ~ 5k . . also let me know for any additional PSU needed. It is a very old board, but a rookie question would be "I would expect a board which I may use for future config if possible". Thanks in Advance for...
  5. C

    Nexus 8, what can we expect?

    So, the next Nexus in all probabilities will be an 8/8.3-inch tablet. I am guessing/hoping so. Apart from the screen-size, should Google stick to its winning formula of offering fairly potent core hardware packed in an understated and elegant, yet rugged and rubberized casing? Or Is...
  6. P

    best gaming mouse under 4k?

    whats the best gaming mouse i can buy under 4k? also whats the current market price that i can expect to get the logitech g500 for?
  7. lakeport

    SRM University what can i expect with a rank of 46000

    as the title says, today results for SRMEE have been declared and i have got a rank of 45k something. :( My question is, what can i expect from it? Which branch will i be able to get approximately and in which campus of the university? Anybody here who is from SRM university, or had...
  8. hari1

    Should I get i5 or i3 for laptop?

    I am going to buy a laptop for mainly programming, web surfing, movies, some Photoshop editing and light gaming. I will be doing a lot of multitasking on the laptop. How much fast performance can I expect with i5 over i3? Or it will be mostly similar? Any percentages will be good for...
  9. R

    help me out in purchasing a new graphic card

    buying a new card in a few hours plz help hi , my system configuration is a core2 quad processor at 2.66ghz and 4gb ram(ddr2) and my motherboard is an Intel DG35ec (classic series) i was using a xfx 9500gt previously and somehow the fan in the card has popped out and by mistake i have picked...
  10. P

    a Cooling Pad

    I'm planning to buy HP G6-200ax laptop. Can you suggest me a good cooling pad to use with it because I will be playing games on it frequently. My budget is around 1,000 to 2,000. Please tell me your experience with the cooling pad you use. Whether they are effective and how much...
  11. vickybat

    Ps3 super slim

    These rumors are definitely true. Images from the below link show that this is even smaller than the current model and really compact. No official announcements as of now but expect them sooner than later. This will probably cost even less than the current model. Source
  12. S

    a laptop cum tablet

    i want to buy a tablet for my college use.. so that i can take notes i can buy a galaxy tab but can it do multitasking like open a calculator, enter equations & handwritten text (i dont expect OCR on it). the hardware should be ppowerful like intel atom or tegra 2/3. what price range to...
  13. M

    Expected speed increase due to SSD

    I have 4 year old Dell laptop with the following config: Intel C2D 7200 (2 GHz), 3GB RAM, Win Vista Home Premium, nVidia 8400GS, 120GB 5400 RPM HDD. The lappy is mostly use for office work with nearly zero gaming. I am planning to unleash new life into this config by replacing my HDD...
  14. S

    When will HD 7850 be released in india and what is d price ?

    I saw in flipkart and it is not available.What is d price of hd 7850 and can we expect any price drops for hd 6950 or hd 6870 after d 7850 releases.
  15. Kulz

    Linux certifications

    Hi, I am a 2011 grad and have recently joined an IT firm. I wanted to know whether doing certain Linux certifications like the LPIC-1, LPIC-2 or the Novell Certified Linux Engineer (NCLE) would do any good as far as my career growth is concerned. Also what kind of jobs and salary...
  16. T


    Planning to buy a good AIO : Printer, Scanner, Copier sub INR 4000/- Usage: Low. Place: Home/Personal Kindly share practical issues that one should expect (toners, drying up etc), cost of consumables. Also please suggest some good models (HP , Canon Pixma??) How much average cost increase...
  17. S

    Want a Pentium D + MB

    Want to build a very cheap second hang rig for someone Req: any pentium D (dual core) + any Motherboard (with at-least 2 SATA ports and some form of integrated graphics, audio and DDR2-667/800 support]. I don't expect any warranty on the parts but items including stock cooler should be...
  18. A

    First issue

    I have subscribed for Digit a few days back. When can I expect my first issue?
  19. R

    I am a newbie introducing here.

    Hello Everybody, I could not get any introduction threads, so I decided to introduce here myself. If any trouble I apologize. This is Raju Meheta. I am very much glad here to take part in discussion. This is very amazing forum. I expect all members will support me and looking forward to...
  20. M

    Looking for talented writers

    Hi Guys, I hope you people allow me to post this as I think Digit's community is the strongest place and I can reach out to the majority of talented gamers through this channel. We run a very popular gaming website and are looking for Indian writers. I wouldn't be naming it here since I don't...
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