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  1. maverick786us

    30 inch Display

    I am looking for a 30 inch display where I can enjoy the real world gaming. When it comes to 30 inch display only 2 displays hit me 1) Dell U3011 and 2) HP ZR30W Both are excellent IPS Display. Can someone tell me the price of these displays in indian market?
  2. P

    want to Bluetooth headset not more than 3k

    Guys , suggest me best sounding with excellent bass and great comfort bluetooth headset not more than 3k.
  3. P

    Best home theater Receiver strictly under 30k

    hi friends suggest me the best home theater receiver under 30k should have powerful bass, excellent looks plus build quality.
  4. B

    Optical drives - DVD Writer

    Hello Friends, I am looking for used Optical drives Nos.2 [DVD writer] in excellent working condition. PM me your best offers. Location: Amritsar,Punjab
  5. V

    Nokia N79 For Sale; In Excellent Condition

    Nokia N79 for just Rs. 8000; In Excellent Condition Hi... I want to sell my one year old Nokia N79. It is currently in excellent condition without any stain or any dirt mark. Here are the specifications. 1. 5MP Camera with dual LED Flash / Carl Zeiss Optics 2. 3G/HSDPA upto 3.6 Mbps 3...
  6. dhan_shh

    # Don't use MicroSIM with adapter-warns NOKIA!

    I've recently purchased Nokia N8, Surprised by the warning mentioned in page no.10 of its user guide! Otherwise a good mobile with excellent cam,no doubt! N8 looks more of 5800 than usual 3.5" display,snappy UI,absence of portrait KB is really felt! ....more to come...!
  7. R

    Top Notch Allrounder at 28k

    Dear All, I am planning to purchase a mobile phone. Requirement: a) Excellent Music as good as W995 (3.5mm jack) b) Top Notch Camera like C905 or N8 c) I am crazy about Social Networking d) Large Screen e) Excellent battery backup & Talk time f) Crisp & awesome display g) Excellent Call...
  8. U

    New laptop. hlp reqd

    Hi guys my friend wants to buy a laptop. has a budget range of rs 60000-80000. looking for a light weight laptop with excellent wireless connectivity. Pls help Thnx in advance
  9. Vishal Gupta

    [Needed] Mobile Phone Under 15K

    Hello everyone I'm planning to purchase a mobile phone under 15-16K. So I request all mobile experts to provide their opinion which handset should I go for? :) I don't have any special feature requirement but the handset should look excellent. So I want to know which mobile would fit the best...
  10. Vishal Gupta

    Looking for "Digital Camera"

    Hello everyone I'm looking for a good digital camera. I just want to use it for taking basic photos and videos in party/functions. I'm not a pro in this field so don't know much about the features. So please suggest a good camera which can fulfill my requirements. The quality should be...
  11. R

    for sale: Microsoft Habu + 360 controller + 17" CRT

    Reason for selling - not using All items r in excellent condition Prefer Delhi/Ncr buyers as i m frm delhi Microsoft Habu hv original bill, original box n all accessories Purchased on 5th june 2009 selling for Rs 2300 + shipping (free 2 coolermaster 120mm fans) new 1 comes for...
  12. jxcess3891

    What are your favourite hangouts?

    What are your fav. hangouts, pubs, restaurants, etc. in ur respective towns? Mine is the "Slice of lime" in mumbai. Good food, good ambience and excellent staff and music. PS: Pls don't sound like a nerd by saying TDF
  13. S

    Please Suggest an SE Mobile below 12K

    Hello friends! I am using an SE w810i since last 2 years. Now, I would like to replace it. Pl suggest me a good phone from Sony ericsson in the price range 10K - 12K. My priorities are * Durability * Excellent Call clarity * Battery backup * Quality music player * Camera (at least 2MP)...
  14. G

    Working Condition P4 Comp

    Hi Friends, I ll be buying a new pc around april first week. I ll be selling my current pc which has the configuration: Intel P4 2.4 MhZ Asus P4S533 MX MB with onboard 32 MB integrated Graphics and ddr2 memory 160 GB Hard Disk - Samsung under warranty Ram - 1/2 GB ddr2 under warranty Cabinet/PSU...
  15. ax3

    Orbit Channel ! ! !

    is Orbit Channel aired 2 U ??? Orbit Channel = new Eng movies ... excellent quality ...... do u watch it ???
  16. Cool G5

    Phone under Rs.3k

    I want a phone for my dad under 3k. Which one is the best? It will just be used for calling but still it will be good if it has atleast an FM radio along with an MP3 player. Camera is not that important. It should have a good battery life & excellent signal reception. Suggest some models...
  17. S

    sony K850i excellent condition

    i have sony k850i in excellent condition with all original accs except charger is not working original box with cd no bill as its gfted to me reason 4 selling- buying iphone expected price -13k(slghtly negotiable) with 512 mb but if u want 2 gb card which is worth 1000 u hav to pay 13.5
  18. N

    Suggest me a good gaming mobile for under Rs. 20k

    Hi guys, I ought of buying a mobile. Please suggest me a good mobile for under Rs. 20k :D. It should have: Excellent camera, Excellent Sound quality and Good features. I will be playing games on it. So please suggest me!! :rolleyes:
  19. N

    2.1 Setup for Music listening!!!!!! 12 to 15k!!!! please help????

    I am already have a philips (HTS 5100) setup with my PC for watching movies. I really need a best 2.1 speaker setup to listening music with excellent EXCELLENT Excellent QUALITY…………… Price range should be 12 to 15k.. I am in the mind that to brought the Altec MX-5021 THX, but my...
  20. J

    Recommendation for basic phone with excellent reception and battery life

    Friends, Plz suggest a basic phone with excellent reception, battery life and loud speaker for my grandma(She is hard of hearing).She just wants to make and recieve calls. Budget-2k
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