1. B

    BSNL is shutting down EVDO services

    BSNL has announced the shutdown of CDMA Voice and EVDO data service. BSNL has cited poor performance, low revenue, and small customer base as reason for the shutdown of CDMA services. I was using EVDO data card for last 7 years. But now they only offer to migrate to 3g or broadband both are very...
  2. D

    Is BSNL EVDO service stopped?

    I am not getting any network here in Kolkata. So i inquired their office they said EVDO service stopped from 31.03.2016. Also there website shows it. Is this service permanently stopped?
  3. RageshAntony

    BSNL evdo is very slow in my area. Please help ?

    I am using BSNL EVDO connection. I am living at Uthangudi , Madurai , Tamil Nadu . My problem is my connection is dead slow that is i am getting Transfer rate in downloads at 10-25 KBps , even in night time. Since the promised speed is 1 Mbps the transfer speed must be ~ 100 KBps. But I got...
  4. blackpearl

    Need compatible EVDO modem for TP Link MR3020 router

    Hi, I have a BSNL EVDO connection but my modem ZTE AC2746 is not connecting with the Wi-Fi router TP Link MR3020 even though it's supposed to be compatible. I have also seen plenty of examples on the internet where a certain modem is not working even though its on the compatibility list...
  5. sahil1033

    Query related to Sierra 598u

    What if I get Sierra 598u from abroad and get it unlocked in India, will it work for BSNL EVDO? And where can I get it unlocked in Delhi?
  6. sahil1033

    Does TP-LINK TL-WN821N support BSNL EVDO?

    I'm willing to buy TP-LINK TL-WN821N but i'm afraid that it won't support BSNL EVDO. Help needed ASAP.
  7. sahil1033

    Need best modem for using BSNL EVDO, currently using Micromax MMX 300C

    I need the best EVDO modem which can work tremendously in low signal places. I've heard that some modems even have signal amplifying techniques. Suggestions please.
  8. H

    Residents of Bangalore, please help

    I will most probably moving to Bangalore from next month. I will be enrolling in a course at the CDAC Knowledge Park (*goo.gl/maps/7PjZ9). [The institute is just beside the Baiyappanahalli Metro station] I was overjoyed when I saw that there is an EVDO connection in Bangalore. I need to...
  9. D

    bsnl evdo speed problem

    folks i gt a bsnl evdo connctn using micromx 300c modem... I placed in a directn n gts 3 signal bars n it connctn mode is auto Upn connctn shows connctd in HSIA But speed z poor its just 20-30kbps max.... Anyway i cn gt the speed??
  10. sahil1033

    Any BSNL EVDO user?

    I want to know more about BSNL EVDO because I think it's risky to buy this. Give your reviews please.
  11. kartikoli

    WIFI router for BSNL EVDO

    I have been using a wifi adapter with my BSNL EVDO to share wifi signals with the help of mhotspot software but in this scorching heat i have to keep my PC on to use wifi so now i want a router which is compatable with EVDO and have some sort of battery backup what i need - compatible router...
  12. avtar2008

    new internet connection for 3 months

    as my college semester is over and i will be at home for next 3 months, i am looking for a temporary internet connection for 3 months. After some googling and research, i am confused among following options: 1. Bsnl evdo @3.1 mbps, rs750 unlimited(no fup), initial cost will be rs1500. 2...
  13. B

    NEED a Router for BSNL EVDO(ZTE AC8700) Data Card.

    Hello TeamDigit... I am looking for a Good router for my BSNL EVDO (ZTE AC8700) Any suggestion would be very very help here... Thanks in Advance..
  14. G

    Bsnl evdo coverage in gurgaon

    Hi, I' ve been thinking of getting the BSNL EVDO card with the unlimited plan for rs.750 but I'm not sure if I'll get a good signal. Anybody know if the signal is any good in the sector-22,23,21 area's of Gurgaon
  15. S

    Portable Router for BSNL EVDO (UE100) ?

    Suggest me a Portable Router For BSNL EVDO (Prithivi UE100 Data card). Is Tp link MR 3040 works with it? other pocket router ??
  16. happy17292

    Just bought BSNL evdo prepaid data card. plz clear a few doubts :(

    hello guys i bought Bsnl evdo data card UE100 today with prepaid CDMA sim. i got it for 959/- with RS.399 balance included. 1. can i activate a plan [eg: Rs.250/-] with my balance? i mean, it should deduct the amount Rs.250 from my balance. [Rs.399] 2. how to recharge?? can i go to...
  17. amjath

    Need a router for BSNL evdo card and DLNA

    Hi guys, I have following devices and help me getting a router which fit my needs. I have A Smart TV, Smart phone, 2 desktops, BSNL EVDO CARD, Need a router to connect my EVDO card, then access internet using LAN to 2 desktops and wifi on phone and TV. Also need to stream movies to my smart...
  18. A

    How to connect Micromax funbook with bnl evdo???

    How to connect Micromax funbook with bsnl evdo??? I hv a Micromax funbook and a bsnl evdo but m not able to connect to internet using my bsnl evdo can any of u guys tell me the correct procedure by which I can connect to internet in my micromax funbook using bsnl evdo???
  19. RON28

    Bsnl evdo settings-micromax 300c

    hello guys, today opted for 750UL plan of bsnl evdo :) but i can't connect to internet :( how to activate it as bsnl guys are taking lot of time and can't wait till monday :( does someone know what to type in username and password fields? :confused: what is the apn and what no. to dial...
  20. saz

    Slow speed on Reliance EVDO broadband...

    Hi every one, I have started using Reliance EVDO broadband, using USB modem...but the download speed is too low ~50kbps. Even the speedtest.net shows that download speed stays 0.60Mbps on an average. Where as the max supported is 3.1 Mbps, can any one suggest ways/tips/tricks to improve the...
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