need earphones in cochin for Rs 500


need a balanced earphone/ear bud for Rs 500. actually i need two one for my laptop and the other for a Philips mp3 player. would be buying it from cochin. can u suggest some place where i can get the same. the ones available are
1. sennheiser mx 170 for Rs 490
2. crreative ep-50 for Rs 470
3. jvc marshmallows dont know where i would get them
4. creative ep-630.

suggest any better ones. i think the jvc is the better one as per other threads from the forum. but they are not available on any shops. please advice me abt any stores for them.
thank you guys for ur suggestions.


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Er,Ep 50 is real crap go for sound magic PL 11 they are awesome you can find them around 400/-


can u suggest any good online buying sources.
saw this site today. is it good?
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Have been Using the Pl11'sfor over a year and i must say they are the best bang for bucks in that price range. Totally Recommend them :thumbs:


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Hello all,
I already own a EP 630 which sound k for me...they gt some good bass but lack clarity in sound on suggestion got a JVC marshmallows....the idiot sellet sent me a 2010 stock....thing is, the head phones are working...but with very less bass can say almost ZERO bass....can hardly hear that! But the clarity of sound is better....whats wrong....


bought the jvc marshmallows fx34 for Rs.580 from pristinenote....
Loved it for the sound clarity. all the instrumentals are clear and you can make them out differently. but i guess they are good for music rather than movies. they render the instrumentals better than the vocals.
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