Two EP 630 broken, looking for a new ear phone , please help


Hello Everyone!!

Well as the heading says, I had two creative ep-630 (came with my dell) , both of them have gone kaput with the same problem with a gap of few months. The joining/wire near the 3.5 in male jack has loosened or something. So sound is coming only on one ear. If I adjust or press its coming on both but only for a sometime before it gets loosened again.

I can't deny I have used them roughly but expected the second one to last a bit more.

Please help me with the following -
1) Do you know if these can be repaired? (I'm from kolkata)

2) I cant live without an earphone so need to buy one as replacement. Any recommendation?

I searched the forum and heard lots of name including soundmagic pl11 but also heard that it's bass is not good?

I am looking for something at par or better than ep-630 (I loved them)
in-ear of course, noise cancellation and would be better to have a good build to withstand a little rough use.

I understand good earphones costs and am ready to extend my budget but not too much because of rough use. ~700 would be good but can be extended upto 1500 for better deals.

Please suggest guys :)
Well i am on the same wavelength as you . I also want to buy one and have shortlisted a few earphones.

Sony MDR-EX50LP and Sony MDR-EX35LP = 990/-

Philips SHH 7810 = 1150/- , SHE 9550/98 = 1149/- ( These are awesome for bass lovers ) .
Philips SHE 6000/98 = 1299/- , SHE 9700 = 1449/-

Soundmagic PL 30 = 1200-1300/-

Sennheiser CX 180 = 1300/-

If you are spending 700 , I would suggest to spend more and make sure you dont have to buy one for sometime.
These are all MRP and you can get for less.


3.5mm jack is easily available (~ Rs 10/-). so replacing the jack is easiest solution, just go to any tv / radio mechanic.
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