1. V

    How to Enable UEFI Fast boot?

    HI I just upgraded to Win 10 From Win 7 Now I want to Enable Fast Boot So How can i do it ? I tried to set CSM To UEFI nothing happens it boot for legacy bios again :-? Do i Need To Format OS & Reinstall in GPT partition & Is secure Boot need for fast boot? My sys spec are AMD FX8350...
  2. L

    URGENT HELP NEEDED: Unable to open console space in Mass Effect 1

    Hi guys, I am already at the end of my tether and have tried on EA Forums as well but to no avail. I have got a HP g207ax with an AMD A8 processor and 512 MB of VRAM but the problem is when I enter Peak 15 in Noveria mission the character becomes black blobs as well as any enemy or...
  3. patkim

    anything like scripts possible on android?

    On android phones is there anything like scripts or macros possible? just like how on windows you can automate certain tasks using powershell or simple .bat file etc or any app etc allows to do so. What I wish to do is switch from 2g to 3g, enable internet data, enable hotspot. Once i am done...
  4. ico

    Purchased Samsung 850 Evo 250 GB SSD and a Caddy for my laptop. What next?

    hi, I have a HP Pavilion g4-1105tx (?) laptop. I've purchased a Samsung 850 Evo 250 GB SSD and a Caddy for my laptop. I'll be getting rid of my DVD writer and putting my SSD inside the caddy there. What all things do I need to take care of? My laptop doesn't have BIOS UEFI. So, I have to use...
  5. gagan_kumar

    Some Questions about TP LINK W8968

    1) Is there any possible way to use this router to share files from one computer to i) Another computer ii) A WiFi enabled Mobille Device (for video streaming purposes)? 2) I am using BSNL Internet connection , Is there anything Like Local LAN network among BSNL customers to enable high...
  6. A

    always enable interent sharing

    I have an ethernet based internet connection, available in my college. I often create a hotspot. To enable internet sharing on that hotspot, i have to repeatedly open ethernet settings from network and sharing center, and enable internet sharing. Is there way by which i dont have to...
  7. S

    How do i enable anti aliasing in s3

    How do i enable anti aliasing in s3
  8. R

    want to Enable Network Info Service Just Like Old Nokia phones have

    since these days r too foggy ! i thought that my new Sony Xperia Tipo Dual could tell me about the Place i m while travelling through Train ... so just searched Play store for some apps and found nothing useful like that ... is there any way to enable network info service just like some old...
  9. pritamk

    galaxy s3 not connecting via usb

    i tried connecting my galaxy s3 via usb phone is charging but it isnt showing as flash drive or is not being recognised by kies either and cant enable it from the settings also and factory reset didnt help plz help me resolve the issue
  10. ParaXite

    6770m 3D?

    On notebookcheck it says that the 6770m supports 3D but I cannot enable the 3D option in games like crysis 2 (Even with an external monitor). That external monitor supports 3D because my old 9800GT card plays crysis 2 in 3D on that monitor. Why can't I enable it? Also, how to control the fan...
  11. quan chi

    How to enable another HDD.please help.

    Guys i have a 80gb IDE HDD. I got another 250gb SATA hdd.Now after adding the sata when i booted windows 7 detected the HDD and gave message successfully installed the new device.But i cannot find it or it is not being shown in the hdd list.I only see those old partition of 37 and 38 gb.:(...
  12. maverick786us

    Problem with 3G

    I have recently enabled 3G in mom's Galaxy S2. Now in order to make 3G or GPRS work, the user has to enable "Packet Data" in the Settings>Wireless & Network. In mom's case that "Enable Packet Data" check box automatically gets unchecked after few minutes. 1) Does it got something to do with...
  13. C

    connectify.me help

    I brought defy plus. I don't have 3 G in our area. I want internet on my mobile. I was thinking connecting USB to computer will get internet on mobile. I installed connectify.me software on dell laptop. But i am getting error I tried enable/disable by right clicking "Wireless Network...
  14. C

    How to enable vibration/force feedback on GM-1520T on PC

    Here's the producer link: Trust.com - Dual Stick Gamepad - Transparent GM-1520T I know it says vibration is only for PS2,but i wonder if there are any kind of drivers that i can use for PC to enable the force feedback. Thank you
  15. fun2sh

    [Query] Enabling Physx on ATI CARDS ?

    Is it possible to enable Physx on ATI cards like 6770m. I mean only when ATI card is presnt. NO NVIDIA card present. I want to enable it on my HP DV6 6121tx Laptop, which has ATI 6770m Card (and ofcourse INTEL Graphics :P). I want to play games like BATMAN 1 n 2, etc which uses PHYSX...
  16. A


    How to enable FSB overclock? Motherboard: 945GZM-S2;rev-3.x
  17. sanoob.tv

    3d in 9500 gt??

    im using xfx 9500 gt for the past 2 years,n im really happy with it. i was able to play all latest games including bf3,mw3,assasin creed revelations. when i updated my driver for gpu last week.i found a option to enable 3d in it. is it posible to play games in 3d using 9500 gt?? if yes which...
  18. sukesh1090

    enabling RAID 0 with seagate 500GB and samsung 1000GB

    guys today i got a 1000GB samsung HDD(7200RPM,3GB/S,32MB cache) and i tried to enable RAID 0 with these two with maximum storage as 1000GB but the windows 7 in my old seagate refuses to boot and even after doing startup repair it won't start.both the disk are shown and usable in windows 7...
  19. A

    urgent router help

    could you help me set up netgear n150 router. i have airtel broadband on beetel 220bxi right now. my sister wants me to enable wifi so she can use tablet and other wifi devices. thanks in advance
  20. nilanko

    Intel virtualization technology

    My Intel Core i5 M480 supports Intel virtualization technology. I get an option to enable this in BIOS. But I don't know what this thing is. Should I enable it or leave it disabled?
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