1. avichandana20000

    [Praise] Wd - the leader in rma world

    My MY PASSPORT was not detected in USB 3.0 PORTS randomly. Followed the RMA procedure and the courier picked up the faulty HDD ON 15/01/2014. Same day night a mail has come that a new HDD has already been dispatched from Bangalore and i received it on 17/01/2014 I was taken a back. Even...
  2. D

    Need career advice, what to do after 10th

    Hi, I'm 21 and have passed only 10th and due to some personal problems I will not finish 12th, so please do not recommend finishing 12th. However, I have an interest in computers, especially linux, and wondering what job-oriented courses I'm eligible for after 10th that will actually have some...
  3. V

    iPad 2 Free on Snapdeal

    iPad 2 Free on Snapdeal for a day, buy the deal for free and make yourself eligible to win it. iPad 2 Free on Snapdeal
  4. vndprkh.09

    apple ipad

    hey all! next month i am visiting Malaysia and Singapore and want to buy a apple ipad and wanted to know whether it will have a eligible warranty in India plz reply
  5. vndprkh.09

    apple ipad

    hey all! next month i am visiting malaysia and singapore and want to buy a apple ipad and wanted to know whwther it will have a eligible warranty in india:idea:plz reply
  6. official

    Carrer guidance required

    my neighbour just gave his 6th sem of BSc(IT) from kuvempu University that has a collaboration with NIIT..he has diploma in software engn. from niit and had 59% in XIIth board.. he got into distance education bcoz of family problems. He wants to get into some regular college and get full time...
  7. anish_sha

    Help : Anyone can get me a HP coupon?

    i have just added the free windows 7 upgrade kit to the cart, for which my laptop is eligible for... but the shipping charge is 39$ , too much... anyone can get me a free delivery coupon? it will be useful for me....
  8. varuog

    What does "Windows 7 Upgrade Eligible" mean ?

    Hii friends ... I came across this page in the dell studio 15 configuration which says "Windows 7 Upgrade Eligible" in the operation system option. I couldn't understand what it means ... The link to this page is...
  9. static_x

    Bad Sectors in HDD - Replacement

    My 500 gb Seagate hard drive [bought in july '08] is showing 2 bad sectors :-(...just wanted to know whether the disk is eligible for replacement or not?
  10. P

    HP Extended Warrenty - For some models

    *h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?lc=en&dlc=en&cc=in&docname=c01296338 Please check if your Lappi is under this and experiencing the stated problem You are eligible for 2 year warranty rather then the usual 1 year ps: mods moved it to correct section if it not in correct section
  11. S

    US monoploy on domain name extensions .edu

    We have an educational institution which is recognized by all boards of education in our country...and also considered as one of the best edu institution in whole country but when we try to register an .edu domain for the institution ..we found that it is virtually impossible why this...
  12. shyamno

    Microsoft Products worries.

    Recently my friend opened his MS Office (Word) and begin to write but unfortunately a pop-up window showed that "You are not eligible to write on this software". Even the microsoft Photo Editor is not opening. What may have gone wrong? please help us.
  13. T

    getting windows updates & new releases of windows

    Hello, I would like to know from all concerned on purchasing a genuine Windows OS software, I would continue to be delivered with not only its own updates, but also new versions of Windows OS. For ex: suppose I have purchased a copy of WinXP, shall I be eligible to get Windows vista free...
  14. M

    Sun Certified Java Programmer

    hi guys Can you give me more info on the SCJP exam conducted by Java . Like when and where is it held and who all are eligible and etc . And are there similar certification by IBM also .
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