US monoploy on domain name extensions .edu

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We have an educational institution which is recognized by all boards of education in our country...and also considered as one of the best edu institution in whole country but when we try to register an .edu domain for the institution ..we found that it is virtually impossible
why this discrimination?

it is giving feeling that indeed US rules internet...?

ok they say there is process but see these line in thier site
Eligibility depends only on appropriate accreditation, not the location of the institution. Most schools located outside the United States, however, are not eligible. We have compiled a list of institutions that we know to be eligible to request an .edu domain. Please check to see if your institution is on the list below. If so, you will be able to begin the process of requesting a new .edu domain. If your institution is not on the list, do NOT attempt to request a new .edu domain.


there are some 20 institution and see this line
Most schools located outside the United States, however, are not eligible

Isn't this monopoly?

OK they do it to stop misuse but we are recognized by our country educational board...all system in country...
are all these fakes and only US Recognization valid..?
why this discrimination?
well we are ready to pay for it as well...


saharika said:
it is giving us feeling that US rules internet.
U may not like it but thats the fact! There was also a big controvery about DES design and NSA's backdoor in it! Neways I'm optimistic that the scenario will change!


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well in media is they say that india is really being IT power ..i think US is just saying that to take work from us....
and we are that just in papers


Nope, US is saying that becoz it ackowledges the IT talent in India. Not only US, today the whole world is saying that. Goto Germany, France etc. They'll give u better pay packages than that given by US companies. But communication gap is there then. Just look at the percentage of Indians working abroad. Look at the number of Indians working in medical and IT field abroad.
What we really r lacking is hardware development! There was a news previous year with China saying that they r hardware power and India is software power. Therefore if they join hands they will become unbeatable. Similar thing was said by Japan. So we really need to cope up in hardware area tooo!


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And the wrong universities get .edu domain names, like Amity which is not even an university. It's colleges are affiliated to IP University which doesn't have .edu domain name.


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But there are a lot of deemed universities like Amrita(* which got the .edu extension. It seems to be like that there is a back-door ?


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by the way is your college non US or non europe..?
I dont feel its indian..
or as our fren said did u use any back doors or any link or relation u have in US
ok we are one of the biggest educational institute and we dont get it
see the rules itself
it virtually 99% says that it is not for US
ok who will go on such a long process of getting affiliated and accrediated...practically it wont be feasible for even big institute to spend money on accrediation as they say it economically as well just for .edu domain ...
so it indeed is monopoly...and one days every thing brust out
in this case i think outrage is usually small as this extension is not required by all
all going on


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My univ is as Indian as I am, possibly the difference between your institute and my university is that mine's a full fledged university set up by an Act of parliament (The WBNUJS Act, 1999) and yours is not. My statement was just a statement of fact.

I am also including the whois lookup for your convenience.

earch Results
Domain Name: NUJS.EDU

The W.B. National University of Juridical Sciences
10A, L.A. Block, Salt Lake City
Kolkata, West Bengal 700091

Administrative Contact:
S K Paul
The West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences
Dr. Ambedkar Bhavan" 12 L.B. Block, Sector: III, Salt Lake City,
Kolkata, India 700098
91 33 23350534/7379/0500/0765

Technical Contact:
Arpan Roy
Asst. Director
Indian Institute of Psycometry
117,B.T.Road,Evergreen Plaza,2nd Floor
Kolkata, India 700108

Name Servers:

Domain record activated: 29-Dec-2000
Domain record last updated: 28-Jul-2006

Domain expires: 31-Jul-2007
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Provide all legal document (xerox/sacn/fax) you have with and may be they change there mind!


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well they dont listen as they seems like that they are doing goverment work...
even after 3-5 official mails they reply but two lines ..that doesnot help
they speak like machine either yes or no
check if u r listed..
if not nothing can be done....
(these are 4 mails)

any way you dont have to prove that yours ins is indian..any way it seems that as i say u got the name as u have been linked with US....
in some way

that means edu institute which are not linked with american institute dont get this domain
what i call monopoly
any way how a college in vietnam , with college in US
that may be almost their annual budjet to do that


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we(all we except US) are forced to use many context that doesnt sound professional...feels like it is not international institutions..and only limted to india..
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