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Confusion on PC Configuration...

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Hi guys...can any1 out there help me...Iv got this pc config with me but am confused on certain issues...

Processor : Intel Pentium IV 3.0 Ghz HT
Motherboard : Gigabyte 81915G Duo / 81915P DuoPro / 81915PC Duo
RAM :Kingston/Corsair/Zion 1GB
Harddisk : 120 GB SATA Seagate
Graphics Card : XFX GeForce 5700 ULTRA 128MB
TV Tuner Card : Compro VideoMate TV PVR/FM
DVD Writer : Sony/Acer/Pioneer
DVD Player : Sony/Acer/Pioneer
Monitor : 17" Acer AC715 / 17" Samsung 763 S
Speakers : Creative Inspire 4.1
Web cam : No idea
UPS : No idea


1)How are the Gigabyte Motherboards . Are they any good? If any other please suggest.It should be cost effective and with good performance

2)Which of these RAMs are the most reliable and also in 1GB which speed to go for ?

3)Is the Graphic card that i have chosen any good for the latest 3D Games?Any others please suggest.

4)Should i go in for Compro or Pinnacle TV Tuner Card. I have heard that the Compro TV Tuner Card is Cost effective and also feature packed. Is that true.

5)Which DVD Writer and Player to go in for ? Is it sensible to go for separate Writers and Players or Combos? I'v heard that Combos are not much reliable.

6)Which is the cheapest and the best of the two 17" CRT Flat monitors ?

7)Is Creative 4.1 really worth it.? I want quality speakers but shouldnt be too costly.

8)I have absolutely no clue on which webcam to buy?

9)With nearly the same config as above, should i be installing more fans...?

10) Which is a cheap and effective UPS?

My budget is Rs 35000 - Rs 45000. Can someone please help me out with the Pricing and Product recommendations.?Thank a lot


The system is good, but there are a few things

1) Gigabyte motherboard have a lot of features which makes them a lot costly, go for MSI or Asus, although u better enquire the price yourself, if price is not an issue, then go for Gigabyte

2) Don't go for FX 5700 any more, the 6600GT PCI-E is available for 11k these days, go for that

3) Get Samsing Syncmaster 793 MB Monitor, it's better


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I have an Samsung 793Mb.its really good.
I also have an asus motherboard.Just be sure your coolig system is good.I had to replace my ram because of to much heat


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If you want to go for gaming, go for an Athlon64 3000+ based comp, better VFM and it will fit your budget nicely. Also, go for a 5.1 set rather than 4.1 the center/lfe actually makes a difference. It's always better to go for separate writers/readers unless you have power/space constraints.
ZION is good VFM. Kingston value RAM uses the Hynix D43 as well but it costs more


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Kingston uses Hynix!!!

Wow that was news to me...Kingston uses Hynix...And that also its priced like really a lot...But isnt Hynix a low quality RAM ?? So then does it make Kinston also inferior in quality, though it comes with a lifetime or 5 yr warranty...?? Thanx abt the monitor ..i'll go with Samsung 793 MB...How much did it cost u guys? My dealer is giving it for 6500..Is it worth it...??
Still confused btwn ASUS mobo or GIGABYTE mobo...which is better quality wise? i heard ASUS products dont have the same quality as before...


Hynix isnt low quality!
and the kingston value RAM comes with different chips..
some are from hynix others from infinion...and both of 'em are pretty good memory chip makers!


games = amd
amd 3200 or 3500 try to go for venice core or san diego core 939 pin
mother board asus is the way to go asus k8n
graphic card 6600 gainward godd value for money will work good with future games
transcaedn or kingston 512 x2 (so u can use as dual channel0
intel is good if u want to usre for photshop 3d stuff and u want to go for single core

other wise amd it is
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