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  1. josin

    V-MODA Crossfade LP is it worth 8K?

    V-MODA Crossfade LP Vs Sony MDR-XB900 edited....solved...please delete this thread
  2. axelzdly1

    Reasons, why Xperia Sola is not preferred?

    I thought of buying myself a Xperia Sola for sellers warranty in eBay, and i think i can take the risk for such low price. But i see everywhere, xperia sola hasn't been included in any of the lists, not even reviews. Is it that bad? Pros according to me: Design,(rubberized finish),Timescape...
  3. ajayritik

    Need to edit a document. What is the best way to do it?

    I have one document which needs to be edited (Hard Copy). What would be the best way to have it edited. Should I have it scanned and then take the PDF that comes out of it as source and then using some PDF editing software to edit the document. I think will have to go for some OCR Software...
  4. ritesh.techie

    Bing most Beautiful Wallpaper- Hahaha...

    Today I was feeling very bore, so I take up my Photoshop CS3 and started drawing a wallpaper for Bing. Here is my worst creation of Bing- [COLOR="Silver"] So any one here who can make this look btfull Edited by cyberjunkie: Too large images. Resize, increase compression or post...
  5. M

    Solved AIEEE papers from 2002 to 2008

    edited Links are dead ~~~ edited ~~~~
  6. Y

    controversial edited images

    post all you edited controversial images involving celebrities here.[img=http://img178.imageshack.us/img178/4456/iwanttoquitcrickettocon.th.jpg]you may also comment on tendulkars retirement.
  7. A

    External 2.5" HDD USB Powered. Please Suggest.

    ` edited.
  8. rhitwick


  9. demoninside9

    If Anybody is in www.desitorrents.com

    If Anybody is in www.desitorrents.com, so please send me the invitation at email edited plsssss plssss I need it.
  10. L

    Kaspersky Products - 50% OFF

    Kaspersky is having a promotion program in Vietnam. So, the license is 50% cheaper. You can check more information here: Edited Batty : Removed spam link
  11. M

    Plzzz Help.....can not install COD 4.....

    Edited by ctrl_alt_del
  12. A

    look here for getting free rapidshare premium account

  13. V

    Block BADBOTS from crawling your website

    edited as against forum rules...
  14. amitava82

    Epic Failure

    I do not have any words to say.. Sorry... Edited.. LOL
  15. patelpk

    How to Dual Boot Mac OS X with Windows XP

    Video Tutor goes here Edited
  16. vish786

    flash light in w610i

    isnt their any flashlight/Light option in w610i like we hav in w810i. ? Edited: is their no one who owns w610i ?
  17. M

    Top Ebooks Available for free Download

    Hi Frnds, Lots of Quality EBooks(computers,Marketing,Tutorials,Business,Fun,Entertainment And many more) are available for free Download So don't waste your time and Visit at: Edited
  18. G

    Viewsonic V/s Samsung

    I just wanted to know which is a better Value - for - money monitor in the 17" TFT range . Please rate it & also give the name . If your using either please say so. Thank you. Edited : P.s I feel I've posted this in the wrong section, if so, can the mods please relocate it to the right place.
  19. M

    How to edit CHM ebook...?

    Hi I have some important study ebooks in CHM format,is it possible to edit them like word or pdf ...means ..thing which i would like to do with chm book is.... deletion of some part marking with colours and later on saving in edited form.. pls provide me link if any appz is thr. i m...
  20. B

    bollywood dvd cover site

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